The Church of The Saintly Light

The Church of Saintly Light is the most powerful organisation on Far Reach, ruled by the 12th Pope Istvaan the Mad.

Mythology & Lore

The mythology, true or not paints a terrible event that once took place on Far Reach, a single hero arose bendicted by the six gods he sallied forth and defeated the unknown evil. from hence forth the hero was venerated. Noone alive knows his face, race or even gender though most scrolls and carvings depict the hero as a her.

Divine Origins

Aurellian Lor a half elf was thrown onto the shore's of the Far Reach after his ship met an unfortunate end. Together with fellow survivors he found the continent in turmoil and war. The survivors gain knowledge if the myth of the Hero, insipired Aurellian goes on a piligrimage to the site of the great battle in the ancient city of Uky and Kley. Struck with fear of the Darkness and awe at the Hero's doings he returns to found Nila and the Church of Saintly Light. Gathering his survivors he offer asylum for those running from the wars.   A king of the Dragonkin Laurilis takes Intrest and with an army he marches to the fledgeling Nila. Upon arriving he is not met with resistance, but rather invited to talk with Aurellian. For three days the first Pope and the Sorceror King are locked in a single room. Noone knows what transpired between them, but when on the morning of the fourth day Laurilis emerged from the room he was changed, an Alliance was formed between the army of the Sorceror King and the Pope. Aurellian joined Laurilis in his conquests and over the next few years Far Reach had kneeled to the Union of the Sorceror King and the Church of the Saintly Light.

Tenets of Faith

The hero is the most venerated saint.   To encourage hope and to fight the ever illusive darkness though it is never defined. To be merciful. To strive for peace and understanding between all people. To be just. To respect the farmer. To protect your fellows and the weak. Never to despair or lose hope. Never to be blind to the beuty of the world. And in very rare cases to ignore all the above tenants to Destroy the Darkness.


The ethics are not rigid due to the many gods which are followed. But the majority are described in the tenants above.


Chauntea, goddess of agriculture Eldath, goddess of peace Helm, god of protection Milil, god of poetry and song Tyr, god of justice Lathander, god of birth and renewal   Services vary and are conducted differently. Certain Festivities are universal. The festival of rebirth, celebrated after winter. The festival of the Harvest celebrated in the autumn. The day of honour celebrated on the winter solictice. The Day of the Hero.


The Priesthood is organised in a complex net. The highest Authority is the Pope, Currently Istvaan I the Mad. The six Cardinals control the worship of individual deities their cathedrals located in Nila all excep the cathedral to Milil which is in Oslok. The six Arch Bishops form the Pope's advisors and also control their respective cities. Every Bishop control cathedrals. Elder Priests control churches. Priests serve in Churches. Deacons serve in Churches under priests as apprentices.   Outside of this rigid structure exist the Monks and the Illusive Sages who reside in the wilds following semi religious and semi philosophical teachings. Some Sages are so respected that even the Popes seek them out for council.   The Paladin orders under the Church are even still more diverse with a simple outline which is almost never followed to the letter. Grand Master Masters Sword Bretheren Knights Initiates or Neophytes   Yet esoteric titles such as Sentinel, Warden, Champion, Jouster, Outrider, Quest Knight and Knight of various holy relics exist.

Granted Divine Powers

Powers vary from deity to deity, but one of the more remarkable powers seems to be to enchant armour and weapons through Holy magic. In the manner the Gods bendicted the Hero.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Church is the functioning form of government for the past 5 and a little centuries on Far Reach. Their political influence is unmatched.


The Paladin Orders. Esoteric Order of Eldath Helms of protection. Judges of Tyr Order of the MorningLord
Subsidiary Organizations


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