Oslok the City of Blood and Gold. The city of channels and bards suffered the worst. The channels overflowed rapidly, escape was impossible as the moat itself was overfilling into the city. There were few who escaped. Many who did take it up themselves to recover the great works of the city which are sinking slowly into the newly created Bayou.


The city is abandoned.


Hundreds of lost manuscripts and the greatest works of art on Far Reach.


Oslok was founded as a port city for trade and a bastion to control the monster population in the surrounding woods. The Guild introduced itself slowly and carefully into the city's politics, accepted by the Thieve's Guild in hopes of an ally and the Church in hopes that the guild will be able to control the Thieves. The guild expanded rapidly combating the thieves valiantly, but as they did they undermined the authority of the church and steadily reduced its power to almost no existent. Only the Thieves and the Guild fought for the city, with the Guild gaining rapid ground. Oslok was turned to ruin and rabble a city ruin in the newly formed Bayou.


A form of gothic architecture based on stone masonry and good wooden carpentry mainly held by elves and dwarves. Some think that the Chapter Monastery of the Order took its inspiration here.


Located deep in the forests in Far Reach near the southwest bayou.

Natural Resources

Wood from the nearby Forests.


Alternative Name(s)
The City of Gold and Blood
less than 10
Inhabitant Demonym
No demonym has ever caught on in Oslok


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