Guild of Independenant Venerable Artisans

Guild of Independenant Venerable Artisans is the second most powerful organization after the Church on Far Reach. A network of artisans and craftsmen bound in a loose alliance against the criminals and the extortionist tax politics of the Church. But that harmless exterior is a front for hundreds of underground projects.


The Guild has a rigid organization structure.   The Guild Grand Meister Barten Gurn has the supreme authority and he is the founder of the Guild. The Guild Meisters make up the council that makes the greatest decisions to further the Guild's goals on the continent. The Meisters are responsible for the Guild's activities in any one given the city. The Meisters are helped by a council of Master Craftsmen and Honourary Artisans. Master Craftsmen are individuals who are responsible for a single type of industry in one city. Honourary Artisans are distinguished artisans. Artisans and craftsmen are the rank and file of the guild. Apprentices.   There is another branch of the Guild which answers only to Meisters and the Grand Meister himself. The shadowy branch is responsible for removing undesirables for the Guild and even purging the corrupt within the Guild itself, feared and rumored they are elusive and seemingly omnipresent.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Guild is to protect the individual craftsmen and artisans and offer stability in times of crises, robberies and tax extortions.


Millions upon millions of Platinum. Practical monopoly of the trade merchants, artisans and craftsmen on the continent.


The guild was founded by Barten Gurn a Dwarf who owned a small cobbler's shop. His ideologies were looked down upon by the Church, but not perceived as dangerous. While the Church ignored him due to a was in the South West Gurn's movement gained such popularity that in under two years the newly formed Guild had financially overtaken Yroham finding great support with the Dwarves there and Phurg. The Church sent its assassins seeing the threat. The assassins were sent back to the Church in sacks. The Guild only expanded from there, laying claim to Oslok and fighting the church for every inch of ground in Xora. The way of the Guild is not to spills blood, but to outplay their opponents at economics, putting the businesses aligned to the Church out of business and gathering the ever increasing support from small independent businesses.


Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
The Guild


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