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Solomon's Key

Book I Book I contains conjurations, invocations and curses to summon and constrain spirits of the dead and demons in order to compel them to do the operator's will. It also describes how to find stolen items, become invisible, gain favour and love, and so on.   Book II Book II describes various purifications which the operator (termed "exorcist") should undergo, how they should clothe themselves, how the magical implements used in their operations should be constructed, and what animal sacrifices should be made to the spirits.   The Magical Treatise provides instructions on how to create planetary, daily, and hourly talismans, a magic sword, vessels for divination and conjuration, wax figures, scrolls (written in the blood of a bat), a ring, special clothing, and a garland, all intended to control summoned spirits. Angelic conjurations, general prayers to God, and prayers to control planetary influences are listed. Astrological beliefs, including supposed relationship between planets and select plants, are presented as esoteric knowledge. Different angels and demons over different planets, days, and hours are named, as well as what function they perform
What are these strange sigils and geometric shapes?   Is this written in the same blood as what we have seen in the stone roofs about town?   What could it all mean?   Is there a correlation with the corpses we have found in the tower?   What's with the pressed bats with their blood drained?


Under the Key many different rituals have and will be performed. Communing with and releasing spirits (djinn and shaitan) Imbuing power within swords, rings, etc. Will it always have strings attached?

Side/Secondary Effects

Strings attached with djinn or shaitan


Watchtower Journal of sorcerers or illuminati

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