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Diamond Currency Standard

Diamonds are the most valuable of the voidless crystals, and cut diamonds are used as currency in 8 of the 12 countries on the continent. Their units are points (pt), carats (c), and the extremely rare paragon (pg)   carats come in 1, 2, 3, and 4 carat units. 1/4 carat is 25 point. 1/2 carat is 50 pt. 3/4 carat is 75 pt.   100pt=1ct   1pg=12ct (extremely rare, only used by royalty, only used when 12ct are in one diamond)   Each country has their own "cut" that proves their value,   Aconite, Sorafell, Llonalyn, and Keldmor use other forms of currency, however Llonalyn will accept diamonds as they are 1:1 with their currency.
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