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5E: Arcane Age

Era beginning/end


It was this single act that would prove to create the 3rd Nation of Aeroloth, in the centuries to come.   -Jess Merrock, Historian

After the rebuilding of the Republic, and the recovery of the Imperium, a new age Dawned, named the Time of Magic. Mages on both sides of the border decided to leave their nations to study their magic amidst their peers. They named themselves the Circle of Magi. They relocated to an island they collectively summoned from the depths of the ocean in the Northern Oceans, they named this land the Land of Everwinter. On the island they created a tower of unimaginable size to house themselves in and work on their magic. This independent "nation" would prove to be the stepping stones to the Freemen of Illarah that would arise in the next few Eras.   Furthermore this act caused the Republic and Imperium to begin creating their own schools of magic, and begin researching how this might aid them in their endeavors. The dream of collecting Bjorns' Artifact was dying.

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