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9E: The Age of Silence

Era beginning/end


Cairn has yet to show his teeth. I weep for us when that time comes.   -Krim Gorbun, Junior Historian

These rumors of Korden subduing and breaking an evil Blue Dragon took no time at all to spread. It was not long at all before the Republic was preparing for the worst; a return to war.   That war however... never came. But a few decades into this new Era, and Korden had passed away. It is said his weapon of mass destruction was passed onto the current Warlord, Cairn. Having no idea what this new leader would be like, the Republic bolstered its defenses again.   82 years passed by. Not a single sign of war from the Imperium. There has been only silence given when the Republic asks to mediate a meeting between the current Grand Chancellor, Mikhail, and Walord Cairn.   And so it was decided to prepare to enter the 10th Era, not knowing where the world might go from these two nations on the edge of war.

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