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7E: Era of Free Men

Era beginning/end


Ah, the formation of Illarah, the Freemen. Sometimes I wonder how this was even possible in our lands.   -Krim Gorbun, Junior Historian

In the times since the last war between the Imperium and the Republic, both had come to an understanding that their nations had lost sight of what the wars were about. The Relic of Wishes. Certain that too much time had passed for it to be found at this point, tensions lowered and a new nation arose, The Freemen of Illarah.   Men of the middle lands between the Imperium and the Republic gathered together and held a council with both leaders of the Republic and the Imperium asking for them to be given independence as a nation, as to act as a buffer space between the two nations. This would allow the two nations to have a neutral ground to stand on if ever wanting to hold council to discuss agreements, as well as not having to share borders with a nation whose government is so different to their own. After many talks, over 30 years both agreed, and the Freemen of Illarah was born.

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