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Korden Reghal starts an expedition into the Dead Wastes



This journey would prove to be the catalyst to the 9th Era.   -Krim Gorbun, Junior Historian

Warlord Korden Reghal, father of the current Warlord, Cairn Reghal, sets out on an expedition to recover lost relics of Bjorns' era. With that goal in mind he gathers a Legion of men and makes his way to the former throne of the continent at that time, the current-day Dead Wastes. His journey lasted 2 years, collecting all sorts of recoverd books, gold, treasures and more from the Old Kingdom.   The story goes that he and his men journeyed into the Mountains of Dryfire to continue in their search of old Mountain-Shrines built in the Olden days. One night while resting with his Honored Ones in a cave. Legends say there in the cave he and his Honored Ones did combat with a mighty ancient dragon, and slew it. From its nest he pillaged a nations' fortune, but most importantly, a single Young Blue Dragon that was chained and bound, to be returned to the Imperium as a weapon of mass destruction.

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