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8E: The Tranquil Times

Era beginning/end


This takes 2nd place on the list of "Eras that were better than our current".   -Jess Merrock, Historian

The Eighth Era known as the Peace Times is the longest running era in the history of Aeroloth. The Age lasted for 1,642 years. In this large span of time both major nations prospered thanks to the Freemen splitting the very different nations away from each other.   The Republic focused on growing its economy, building relations with noble houses, expanding government, and building trade deals with far off nations across the seas.   The Imperium grew its military, expanded its spy networks, along with its black markets. In this time they also expanded into the Dead Wastes, repopulating small pockets of the lifeless desert created in 6E.   Though called the peace times, it was not perfectly peaceful. Few things could stop the two major nations from butting heads. Many skirmishes between the two broke out, raids, assassinations, but none rang the bell of war, thankfully.

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