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4E: The Age of Blood and Wine

Era beginning/end


Wine is great. Spilled blood? Not so much.   -Krim Gorbun, Junior Historian

The new Warlord, Bahl, known as Bahl the Bloodied, lead a slaughter on the Republic, who was caught unaware that there was a change of Leadership in the Imperium, and was given no warning that the treaty was over. This lead to a blood bath of Imperium troops slaughtering villages of peasants, and taking the strong as slaves on their march north, called the Scarred March, as they left a scar upon the land in which they traveled with burnt villages, farms and people. Using his surprise to his advantage, Bahl used this opportunity to march his entire army straight up to the gates of the Republic capital, Volwick.   The siege was destructive, yet short lived. The siege only lasted 2 Months before the Imperium were able to break Volwick's walls and invade the city proper. It was by a turn of luck that the Republic wasn't destroyed that day. On the same day the walls fell, reinforcements came from Port Olisar, and Port of Kilmont, who had spent the 2 months gathering help in the forms of other races and beasts. Before Bahl knew any better his army was stuck inside a city full of Republic soldiers, and outside an army of Wood Elves, Cloud Giants, and most importantly an Adult Silver Dragon, named Kahltaax.   Within a few days all Imperium troops were killed, or captured, including Bahl, who was captured and executed in front of the City after safety was assured. Both sides had taken heavy losses, too much to continue fighting, and so the next 246 years were spent in celebration of peace, and a time to rebuild what was destroyed. This became known as the Age of Blood and Wine.

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