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Sca Baula

Sca Baula is a ball game played in Eeriea. Two teams compete in a bowl-shaped arena with a small blue ball to hit the goal, a grid with 25 squares. The team to hit all twenty five squares correctly on their grid first will have access to the orb in the center. Four designated goalkeepers are chosen and must defend the orb from being taken.


Sca Baula began as one of the two official new games with focus on physical feats. It originally was played only on small circular courts but has evolved in many places to include large circular arenas with electric boards and added gravity.

Components and tools

1. One blue ball (always blue in the organized games) to throw at grid. 2. Skates to move around the arena. 3. Glass box and orb goal at the second part of the game. 4. Grid with 25 squares that must be struck square by square in a swirl pattern {see photo}. Failure to do so results in a penalty in which the other team has a chance to strike their next square without any obstacles from a certain distance. 5. Bowl-shaped arena which has many variants.


Each team consists of 1 to 10 players but always 6 each in organized games. This includes the goalie for each team. Also, two moderators to give clearance that the correct square has really been hit.


Every year at the beginning of summer, there is an official outdoor competition for the two finalists and another official indoor game at the beginning of winter.  

Summer Sca Baula Official Competition (SSOC)

Held in Keigo or Moonhide at one of the several outdoor sports arenas.  

Winter Sca Baula Official Competition (WSOC)

Held in Keigo, Moonhide or Hindlar at one of the several indoor sports arenas where the temperature is regulated.

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