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Keigo is the capital city. It quickly became world renowned art center and educational powerhouse and by the Proto-Classical era had already established its well known intricate transportation system and tall connected buildings. Many of its buildings and homes were built using reused materials and run on renewable resources as a clean project after the war.


99.8% Human .2% Robot 98% Civilians 2% Military Personal


Non-citizen sailors are introduced by a large white stone gate between the harbor and city entrance on the large port of Lake Sirhee.


Large exporters of music and clothing. Exports and imports food and building materials. Many initiatives involve reusing materials and creating something new. Glass and wood are the main exports to other countries and regions.


Bridges connecting a wide network of buildings for a variety of reasons.


Historically, Keigo was a poor port city but due to its location and after war rebirth, it became a reputable city with great innovation and wealth.


There is great diversity in the materials and styles used. Most of the construction though is mostly boxy and contain incredible detail and secret rooms. The majority of homes and restaurants are made for an almost "living outside" feel and Keigoeeans love the fresh air and natural light provided by their architectural design.


Flat land but on Lake Sirhee.

Natural Resources

Wooded lands provide plentiful trees for wood especially after the planting of numerous evergreens which then became a symbol for the rebirth of the region. The law of the land though is to replace what you use.


  • Wooden Flower Offices
  • Waterbed Playground

Education Complexes

  • Eeriea University
  • Eeriea High School
  • Eeriea First School
  • Eeriea Learning Center
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Rebirth
Inhabitant Demonym

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