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The Cutthroat Retreat

The Cutthroat Retreat is a roaming tavern that travels between the many docks and ports of Edinyarl. The Cutthroat Retreat is as much a sailing vessel as it is a tavern. It travels mostly between Crixia and Edar but has been known to frequent the ports of Kokoa and Hadaar and even the unknown lands to the far East.

Purpose / Function

The Neaco's Harpoon galley now serves as a tavern and place of food, drink, and violence if one so chooses it. The top deck is kept much the same as it was when The Cutthroat Retreat was a sailing ship, all the masts and rigging remain in place allowing the ship to travel between ports. However, there is a section of the top deck that is fenced off on a raised wooden platform. The purpose of this platform is for brawling. Bardolf used to be quite the tavern brawler in his day but now in his old age he tends to enjoy watching his son, Nortok, instead. The second deck is where food and drink are served and where most of the entertainment occurs. The third deck is where the crew and guests may spend the night in fairly well-equipped cabins. The bottom deck is kept as a storage unit where they keep the barrels of ale, wine, rum, and dried and salted meats.   One of the greatest features for visitors of this tavern is it acts as a way of getting across the sea at no extra cost. It is not a tavern one typically would spend a few nights in but for those wishing to travel and see more of Edinyarl it is the perfect place for the occasion. Bardolf isn't too picky about the types of folk that wish to stay aboard The Cutthroat Retreat making it a haven for those wishing to lay low and slip between continents.


The main thoroughfare through the tavern is the stairwell that runs between each of the four decks. Each cabin is sealed off to provide privacy with the main area of the tavern being fairly open.

Sensory & Appearance

People entering the Cutthroat Retreat will immediately be greeted by the smell of brine, ale, and fish. The lighting inside is moody with magical lamps of amber light glowing around the skirts of the tavern and overhead providing a warm and welcoming environment. The tavern is a little drafty and cold especially if the tavern isn't too busy but as patrons start to pour into the tavern it soon begins to warm inside. The tavern on a busy night is filled with the tales of travelling sailors, laughter, music, and joy. On the quieter nights one can hear the gentle soothing creak of wood as the ship rocks ever so gently.


The typical denizens of the Cutthroat Retreat are sailors, adventurers, and those who wish to start a new life on a new continent. Sailors come to hear news from distant lands and to talk trade in stories, rumours, and myths. Adventurers come in search of quests that will take them across Edinyarl. Some other folk come to the Cutthroat Retreat with the sole purpose of using it to escape an unpleasant life.


There haven't been many true alterations to The Cutthroat Retreat. Since it still serves as a sailing vessel all the necessities for sailing still remain especially on the upper deck. The lower decks are where most of the alterations have been made. The cabins have all been cordoned off into individual cabins to give guests their own privacy on board. Each cabin is outfitted with a basic single bed and footlocker bolted to the floor. The Cutthroat Retreat is not a tavern built for luxury but rather for purpose. The rooms are functional at best and cold and damp at worst though the crew does their best to maintain them. Though for some extra coin you can purchase one of the luxury rooms which is magically heated and has a much more comfortable double bed.


The ship is made most of the oak planks though the hull has become somewhat of a patchwork quilt of plugged holes and mismatched planks from years and years of repairs.   The top deck of the ship has a few round tables and chairs scattered upon the deck and held in place by sovereign glue. The tables can be a nuisance for the crew when the ship is sailing but they have gotten well adjusted and used to the conditions onboard the Neaco's Harpoon.   The interior of the ship where food and drink are served has a homely and welcoming environment. There is a long bar that stretches the whole way around the interior of the tavern deck. The main floor of the tavern is filled with round tables and chairs stuck to the ground with sovereign glue so they can't slide around in stormy weather. Patrons can get a view of the sea or surrounding port from the portholes on the port and starboard sides of the former sailing vessel. Toward the back of this deck, a door leads into the kitchen where the chef, Kayleigh prepares food. The food onboard is surprisingly good and surprisingly fresh for being a ship. They regularly restock their pantry at each port they visit and have an onboard cold storage unit. This allows them to prepare fresh meals each and every day without the worry of food spoiling as quickly.   The third deck is where passengers and crew staying overnight or for a long voyage reside. The rooms are basic and bland with single beds and a footlocker held to the floor with sovereign glue. There are few decorations in the rooms themselves but one can purchase one of the four premium rooms for a higher price. These rooms come with a double bed, footlocker, and wardrobe. In addition to having lavish and lush carpet upon the floor, a circular mirror on the floor. In addition to these features, the rooms are enchanted with magic so that no matter the conditions the temperature inside the room will always remain a constant warm heat. Not so warm that you'd start to melt but just the right amount of warmth to feel cozy and homely.   The fourth and final deck is where the storage is kept. It's filled with spare sails, wood for repairs, dried and salted foods for longer voyages when food is scarce and also houses the bilge pump. The bilge put is magically animated so that the crew can focus on running the tavern and navigating at sea rather than be bogged down pumping water.


The upper deck of the ship is outfitted with four large ballistae. The ballistae are a feature that some patrons might see as odd or a bit much but Bardolf assures them the ballistae are a necessary defense upon troubled waters. He assures that the patrons will be perfectly safe aboard his vessel whether moored at a dock or sailing at sea.    If any trouble should arise within the tavern or a fight gets too far out of hand. The crew are armed with scimitars and have plenty of experience using them. If trouble should occur they will apprehend any of them causing party and hand them to the authorities or throw them into the brig on the lower deck if they are at sea.


Neaco's Harpoon was originally gifted to Bardolf for naval services under the command of the Crixish Navy. He used it for a time cleaning up the seas around Crixia and Skallgar of pirates before eventually deciding to retire from that life and revamp the ship as a roaming tavern.


Sailors and adventurers come to the tavern when it pulls into port to hear and share stories. The Cutthroat Retreat travels far and wide across Edinyarl and has become quite a place to gather information about what's happening in far-off continents.
Founding Date
23rd Aaralynn, 1391
Alternative Names
Neaco's Harpoon
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Environmental Effects
The temperature in the Cutthroat Retreat varies from room to room. In the main taproom and in the storage below the temperature can be cold. But in the captain's quarters, crew quarters, and the four premium guest rooms the temperature is regulated by magical enchantments.

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