Living Entities

Written by Osmyr

Life is complex and varied. Whether living entities are material or immaterial, can use magic or not, are biological or not, we distinguish species according to a set of significant characteristics.  

The Essence

Before classifying species into specific categories, it is important to understand what the Essence is. The Essence is what humans often refer to as the Soul. It is a concentration of pure aeonic energy and is what allows living entities to channel said energy in order to use magic. It is purely immaterial and resides within a Spiritual Plane.
Depending on the magical power of the entity, it will have a greater or smaller essence; the bigger the essence, the more powerful an entity is. A being that possesses an Essence is called an aeonic being.
Material beings have their physical body linked to their Essence by an Aeonic Link. This link breaks at the death of the physical body and the Essence goes through the Essence Conversion.

Essence Conversion

Essence conversion is a process where the Essence of a deceased is transformed back to simple aeonic energy. It blends with the rest to be reformed into the Essence a new born being.

Afterlife Planes

Work in Progress

Classification of Living Entities

Because of the obvious differences between the material world and the immaterial world, a species is first categorised according to the Realm it primarily resides in.

Immaterial Beings

Immaterial beings reside within Spiritual Planes. The are made solely of an Essence; they have no material body and cannot cross over to the material world.
We distinguish between two main types of immaterial beings: Spirits and Ghosts.


Spirits are pure immaterial beings. They are sentients and because they reside within a Spiritual Plane (which is full of aeonic energy), they have great magical capacities but still a limited influence on the material world. Lesser spirits can only interact with a material plane where the Veil is thin, while powerful spirits such as Aeroth can have influence even inside Magical Vacuity Zones.
Spirits can be very hard to kill due to their immaterial nature and natural affinity with magic but once they die, they go through the Essence Conversion normally.


Ghosts are essences of deceased material beings that didn't go through the conversion. This occurrence is quite rare and no one knows how it occurs naturally, but it is possible for a powerful mage to simulate it with a process called Aeonic Anchorage.
Most Ghosts are not sentient because the Essence doesn't naturally hold the memories of the material body. Therefore, once the Aeonic Link is broken, the Essence has no access to its former physical identity. Most ghosts simply are; wandering the Spiritual Plane without purpose, randomly influencing the material world where the Veil is thin, until being destroyed.
However, more powerful mages can imprint their physical memories to their Essence and this way remember everything from their former physical life. This is mostly used by mages planning to do an Aeonic Anchorage as this way, not only they won't go through the conversion, they will also retain the recollection of their former self.

Spirit Possession

While immaterial beings don't have a physical body, it is possible for them to possess the body of a weaker material beings. Most Spirit have no interest in interacting with the physical world, but some Elders have been known to so on multiple occasions.
This process is tricky though, because since a physical body can only support so much aeonic energy being channeled through it, the Spirit will often have to limit their use of magic within the physical world during a possession or else risk harming and even destroying the host's body.

Material Beings

Material beings reside within material planes and are primarily made of matter. There are two main types of material beings: aeonic and asyndetic. Each types is further divided into two other subtypes: organic and non-organic.

Aeonic Material Beings

Aeonic material entities while being primarily material also possess an Essence. Because of that they are able to use magic and influence both the material and immaterial worlds.
Aeonic Organic Beings
Aeonic organic species are made of biological matter. Humans are part of this category.
Aeonic Non-Organic Beings
Aeonic non-organic species are made of non-organic matter. Since they do not have a brain or aren't alive in the biological sense, it is because of their Essence that they are conscious and capable of reflection.
Elementals are a notable example of such a species.

Asyndetic Beings

Asyndetic beings are purely material. They have no Essence and therefore cannot use magic at all.
Asyndetic Organic Beings
Asyndetic Organics are organic species without an Essence. They are quite rare, often being the result of a species evolving in a Magical Vacuity Zone.
Asyndetic Non-Organic Beings
Asyndetic Non-Organic species are droids, robots and mechanical beings.


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