Yakobar Lukín Yevgenyovych

The Bloodhound of Kiy

Written by Alexej_Axis

Inspector Yakobar Victor Lukín (a.k.a. The Bloodhound)

Inspector Yakobar Lukín Yevgenyevich is the head of the special task force for 'Ritualised- & Occult Crimes' in Oblast Kyi, Allied Nations. As that, he is a civil servant of the city of Kyi and part of its police force; more precisely, the Department for Supernatural Surveillance and Occult Observation - also known under the alias: the Eyes of Vyi. This specific part of the Kyi police force deals with supernatural disturbances, cults and crimes within the borders of Oblast Kyi.   So if a Sinner is up to no good, chances are that Inspector Lukín or one of his disciples will be on their tail. And one thing is for sure, if the Bloodhound picked up your scent, you do good in taking him seriously.   For Lambs, Inspector Yakobar Lukín looks every inch the part of a war veteran turned hard-boiled detective. One who came home changed and was seamlessly assimilated by the state as an instrument of power within their own borders. While the police isn't as feared as the secret service, higher ranking officers in the force are authority figures not to be trifled with. Like any other state official, they have ways to make people disappear on the spot and the authority to silence those who are asking too many questions. And this one looks like he found his calling.   For Sinners, it is very apparent that Inspector Lukín is far more than a simple state servant. Like any high ranking officer in the Alliance authorities, he's a powerful Marked One. He isn't physically tall or impressive, but when he unleashes his aura, it hits with the impact and of a tank rifle. As a battle-savvy and experienced warlock, he's a force to reckon with on the supernatural battlefield and even more importantly, he's a seasoned service dog on the leash of the state. The Alliance is treacherous territory - especially for foreign Sinners. No other place in the known world is so strict in declaring Sinners and the subject of supernatural happenings anathema. The rules of engagement between the 'Big Brother' and the 'Little Sister' are a complicated social dance and overstepping boundaries can lead to dire repercussions. Yakobar knows these rules and their intricacies in and out, so you can be sure he's going to take the lead, when you trespass in his territory. Defending the Status Quo is his duty, and Sinners who disrespect it will inevitably learn, that duty is Yakobar's middle name.   Observant characters might get a glimpse of the scars on his face, arms and aura. The fact that Inspector Lukín is a dog of war and served with honor is evident. His left eye is always covered by an eye-patch; his body and face tell the story of a handsome, eloquent man with a lot of charisma, scarred and hardened by physical hardship and trauma. It is a common story after ten years of relentless war with the Crimson Empire. One of endless violence on the battlefield, a struggle for power in the military's ranks, and treachery and mendacity at the core of society. Seeing deeply scarred and traumatized individuals seeking to find their place in civil society again after returning from the war is a common sight in the City of Founders or anywhere else in the nation. Yakobar Lukin seems well settled and doing good for himself as an officer in Kyi's growing police force. Quite the contrast to some of the less fortunate, war-crippled ex-soldiers who ended up addicted to hard drugs or begging in the street because they are too disabled or disfigured to re-enter society, this lone wolf seems doing well for himself; never lost his pride or his bite.   If your characters come from Kyi or do some research, know the right people in the right places, *bribe* the right people in the right places, handsomely, they might find out more about the enigmatic detective and why his story is tightly interwoven with the city's rich history. But even then, they will find a lot on his file has been censored and further reading can only be requested with special permission from the Greyhounds - the Alliance's secret service.   When checking his aura, it's an easy skill-check to find out that he's a warlock. But further reading is more difficult, as his Daimon seems to lurk about him like a faint, sluggish shade you cannot quite grasp. There's always something in the corner of your eye, making it hard to not lose focus. His shadow is moving slightly out of sync with his physical form, crawling about like tardy liquid with an oil-like quality.   Read further to learn more. Stop right here if you don't want to spoil the surprise or are a GM who wants to use this character as NPC in your adventures.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An athletic, slender figure of less-than-average height, Inspector Yakobar Lukin makes up for his lack in bulk with his intimidating gaze and charismatic body language. He speaks eloquently and melodic, with a Kievan accent and upper-class vocabulary; words cutting like a knife. His exotic facial features, - almond-shaped eyes and smooth, pale skin - stand in strong contrast with his honey-colored hair and eye. He moves with the grace of a bird of prey, fluidly changing his stance from perfectly still and observant to an agile pace of action when required.

Body Features

Agile and slender, although he appears almost too thin to be a threat. But in the rare cases his actual body is revealed, when he rolls up his sleeves, for example, it becomes apparent that slim but tight muscles live under his pale skin.

Facial Features

His face is angular with sharp features and eyes - or rather one eye. It's also surprisingly handsome for a guy who always looks at you like he's the executioner of your soul. His Kassch'han tribal heritage cannot be denied, which makes him subject to racist comments or actions from characters with bunker heritage.   For a Kassch'han on the other hand, his light skin, amber eyes and hair stand out as a-typical. A special trait of his mother's tribe, the Xiao Gao who are said to be touched by the spirits.

Identifying Characteristics

Yakobar has a clear voice and charismatic intonation. He speaks melodic yet masculine, choosing words with manners and attitude. This man wasn't raised in a working-class environment for sure.   For characters with a background from the Alliance territories, it's apparent that he speaks with a local, Kievan accent.

Special abilities

Resonances Spectrum: Darkness, Spirit, Mind, Destruction.

Apparel & Accessories

Yakobar hardly reveals any skin, ever. He's always formerly dressed, sharp like a knife, head to toe. His left eye is always covered by an eye-patch and he will usually wear tight leather gloves, even in summer.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yakobar wasn't always the hard-boiled detective he is today.   A warlock of Kassch'han family origins, he was born and raised in the city of Kyi during the Golden Days in 300 CoMa, when the war with the Crimson Empire erupted and brought a constant stream of fresh, exotic wares, new technologies and constant innovation to the Alliance territories. Progress was written in capital letters in the headlines of any newspaper, new media like the radio and even TV were spreading propaganda, and entrepreneurs started to strive while the government was occupied with the logistics and planning of marching brave soldiers on to defeat the demonic threat from the South.   The Lukíns, a second generation immigrant family from the Kassch'han steppes saw their opportunity. Grandfather Victor Lukín had evolved his clock workshop into a phonograph manufacture only five years ago, and with the capital and knowledge gained from his clever endeavor, his son, Yevgenie Lukín took his father's initiative one step further and established a radiograph factory directly in Kyi. With that milestone, the Lukín family rose to the ranks of esteemed upper class entrepreneurs and has been one of Kyi's highest ranking benefactors to date.   A story of progress, unity, innovation and entrepreneurial success, the Lukíns area poster-child example of Alliance philosophy turned into action. And Yakobar was their figurehead.

Gender Identity

Male. Pronouns: He/Him/His & They/Them/Theirs.   _


Rumor has it he's bisexual which is not acceptable by Alliance standards.   He is married to a Praharian diplomat of magistocratic roots; Lady Carolina Varga.   _

Accomplishments & Achievements

Yakobar Lukín, oldest son of Yevgenie Lukín was all geared out to become the next in line to continue on this route of progress. He was the voice of Lukín Manufacturing on every radio show, the face of every newspaper article and the flagship of new media propaganda by even appearing on some government TV broadcasts. There wasn't a party or ball of the high society where he wasn't present. Taking center stage with ease, a smooth talker with stunning looks and charming wits, the young Lukín was a star nobody in Kyi didn't know. At age 19 he was well on his way to become Kyi's youngest entrepreneur, as rumors had it that his father, a more reclusive figure and engineer, was planning to step back as public head of the family business to focus on enhancing the production as CTO, leaving the spotlight and business decisions to his charismatic and prodigial first-born, but unfortunately, fate had other plans.

Failures & Embarrassments

In 320, the young entrepreneur who had been one of the city's most wanted bachelors and face of all of Lukín Manufacturing's publicity campaigns in the past three years, suddenly snapped. During the turn-of-the-Decade event, the Stellaris Ball, young Yakobar Lukín caused a public scene, seemingly under the influence of forbidden drugs, imported from the South through travel routes from the Crimson Empire, sworn enemy of the Alliance. Rumor has it he sexually assaulted the daughter of an influential industrial while other accounts state he murdered someone, and that reparations had to be paid by the Lukín family to make amends, but one thing is a facr: that the overall incident significantly damaged Lukín Manufacturing's reputation.   After that night, the golden boy of Kyi went missing for three months until a public statement surfaced that he had joined the war effort, encouraging his fellow young and able men to do the same. A bold and unexpected move, as soldiers were mostly conscripted from working class families and the countryside. But one that didn't go unnoticed and had a vast impact on conscription numbers during the early days of the war.

Mental Trauma

From there on out, Yakobar Lukín vanished from the public eye. For the next ten years, the war would wage on. Far longer than anyone had anticipated, so what had started out as a hopeful, nationalistic endeavor, would become a meat grinder for resources, lives and morale seriously hurting the nation's economy and pride.   In this year of 333, the front hasn't moved forward for three years, and nobody back home wants to hear anymore stories of battles far away, forfeit or victorious. Waves of immigrants huddle together in the tent cities across the makeshift Oblast borders and war invalids are begging for money on the streets to afford another dive into the depth of the Red Dream to make the pain go away for some precious hours.   And this was the city to which Yakobar Lukín returend on October 13th, 333 CoMa.   Nobody knows what his whereabouts have been during the past thirteen years, but rumor has it the golden boy of Kyi changed. People who have seen him claim he looks worse for wear, with scars on his face; an eye-patch covering his left eye, but standing tall and upright. Has he become yet another victim of the war effort? Yet, those who had closer interactions with him claim his gaze is unnaturally intense, his sharp, exotic features still entrancing, and his demeanor is even more expressive, predatory and enigmatic. Some say his voice, well known from public radio broadcasts back in the day, demands obedience and has lost nothing of its magic, but won a supernatural quality of male dominance. His left eye is gone and his right face is tired, but he is carrying himself on his sharp wits and flamboyant charm, as if he traded the sins of his youth for much darker crimes and martial experience.   Those who dare to inquire about his whereabouts might find out that he was honorably discharged from his duty as a commanding officer at the Balkan front due to 'an injury', spent six months in a military hospital in Warsaw, lead by the Ordo Scientifica, and sports quite a few medals and honorable AD titles nowadays. While adequately honorable, this is all not terribly uncommon, which might make it come across as inherently suspicious for people of dubious loyalty to the state.

Intellectual Characteristics

Yakobar is a cunning and patient strategist who always sees the bigger picture, has a tongue sharp like a knife and is unbearably arrogant and narcissistic. While the latter can be exploited, his paranoia labels any attempt of blunt flattery as suspicious.   A redeeming quality of the inspector is his cynical and dry humor which actually reveals his bitterness and carefully hints at his ambivalent relationship with the Status Quo.

Morality & Philosophy

The Alliance's highest principle, the Status Quo, conceals the details of the existence of Sinners to a degree that public mentions of their existence is forbidden. Special terms, idioms and language have been developed to conceal the fact that one in 100 citizens is very different from the others. The commonly used term is 'Marked Ones'. Yakobar has embraced that principal, otherwise, he wouldn't be where and who he is. But he wears that muzzle reluctantly.   He's a vicious animal on a state-leash, with a lot of pride boiling up under the surface. He follows orders, because it is the way, but he isn't a true believer or blind to the regime's faults. While he won't risk his livelihood or status to help strangers, he can be reasoned with if the right incentive is presented. Different from most other state officials though, and even more peculiar for a warlock, he will take offense when being offered a monetary bribe. You will have to offer him an advantage over a rival, vital information to solve a case or take on tasks for him in return for any favors.


Don't touch him. Don't ask about his eye-patch.

Personality Characteristics


Protect what is his. This warlock's greed is not about mammon or gold, but power and possessions. Fiercely territorial in his endeavors, this fiendishly clever and intimidatingly charismatic detective will do anything to keep his hunting grounds clear from corruption and foreign Sinner's interference. And as far as Yakobar is concerned, all of Kyi is his territory.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Yakobar has spent almost ten years in active duty at and behind the front lines of the biggest raging war in EDEN's history. While he's damaged beyond repair, he's also hardened and bold with a ton of experience and many tricks up his sleeve. Detective Lukín is an expert in interrogation and a skilled warlock. His weaknesses are very well kept secrets and finding out what makes him tick can easily be the center point of a whole side-plot-line.

Personality Quirks

Yakobar is very picky with food and will hardly be seen ingesting any, at all.


Family Ties

Yakobar is the eldest son of Yevgeni eLukín, head of Lukín Manufacturing, one of the biggest manufacturers of communication- and new media technology in the Alliance, and rank three of the wealthiest families in Oblast Kiy. They produce phonographs, radiographs and other entertainment technology.

Hobbies & Pets

The inspector can be seen riding out in the park each Sunday, carrying himself gracefully on a pretentiously beautiful Kievan Strider; a cremello capital stallion that must be worth a fortune. The Lukíns are known for breeding race- and hunting horses and this envy-arousing mount is one of Kyi's finest breeding sires. Ocasionally, Yakobar is participating in hunting outings of the high society of Kyi, usually bringing a pack of well trained, graceful, yet outlandish looking sighthounds with him. It is said he cares more for his beasts than other human beings - expect for his fiancee, who he vigorously adores and who usually keeps him company on such outings and occasions.   Peculiar enough, while most of Kyi's upper class rejoices in hunting wolves and other predators, the inspector doesn't seem to enjoy killing these animals. He partakes in the sport, but no one has ever heard him boasting about his kills or taking any trophies. This predator is after more dangerous game to satisfy his carnal instincts. Do you have what it takes to qualify?

Wealth & Financial state

Many people will legitimately joke about the measly wages of policemen and other state servants, and taking advantage of that is common practice in Alliance society. But while Kievan police force is known to accept bribes regularly, you might end up on the wrong side of bars when trying to bribe Inspector Lukín. This is especially surprising for those who know that he's a warlock, a Carnal known to be driven by bottomless Greed. One can only assume, he's well off, financially.   For characters hailing from Kyi, his name rings a bell - and if it wasn't clear before, it becomes apparent now: Yakobar Lukín is the first-born son of Yevgenie Lukín and heir of Lukín Manufacturing; which makes him the benefactor of the third-richest family in Kyi.   The only other two entrepreneurs exceeding Lukín's wealth and influence are Mikhail Jervic, owner of several weapon factories in and around Kyi, delivering firearms and explosives to the front and Boris Orvatschov who owns the Kievan trade hall and commercial dockyard, which means he controls the majority of the trade routes not operated by the city state itself.

Somewhere between hard-boiled detective and hopeless dandy, this warlock knows how to turn heads not just by snapping necks. Rumor has it the newest addition to the Department of Supernatural Surveillance in Kiy has a terrible secret lurking in his shadow

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Year of Birth
300 CoMA 33 Years old
Oblast Kyi
Current Residence
Oblast Kyi
Polished, dark ember.
Short, straight & honey colored; neatly put back when on duty, although it usually comes loose during the day, sporting a more wavy and extravagant look.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale as polished ivory; freckles in summer.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Kievan Cyrill | Ally Tongue | Babble | Itavii | Prague   limited listening proficiency in Kipchak - the language of the Kassch'han tribes his family hails from. But can't properly speak or write it.

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