The Crimson Empire

Strive for Conquest, as only Righteousness paves the road to Civilization.

The Crimson Empire stands as the oldest civilization on the European continent. And with that claim of being the first nation of this dawn of time comes the entitlement that all of the known world belongs to them. But the Red don't expect Europe to be handed to them on a silver plate, quite the opposite, actually; they thirst for bloody conquest and war.    Their philosophy idolizes conquest and war, to conquer and claim is the only way to find peace, they say and they intend to bring their piece to the world; Pax Romana.   With their headquarters in Roma Aeterna, known as the eternal city, the Red rule from a comfortable place in mild climate surrounded by the stunningly beautiful and rich, but also treacherous waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Why treacherous, you say? As water is a natural border to the Outer Worlds, fairing too far from any shore results in crossing over to the Underworld. And there be dragons and actually much, much worse. Sailing into the Underworld is an endeavor not many return from. But the Crimson, they live for it. No other culture seems so enamored with the Beyond than the Red Beasts. Conquering such dangerous territory as the open seas means you need an unquenchable thirst for power and narcissistic zeal, to even be trying, and a lot of cunning, supernatural grandeur and experience to succeed. And that's the perfect collection of attributes to describe the Crimson Empire in its core. Ruled by Sinners and reigned by religious ideals, the biggest nation in the known world reaches from the Tatzelworm's Back to Constantinople, and as the masters of seafaring, they have even set foot on the new earth, the Burning Shores. From the Itaavian peninsula they emerged; self-proclaimed survivors of what the Red call 'Armageddon' - the cataclysm that destroyed the world before the now,   On the back of an ancient set of rules, bound by mysticism and spirituality, the Red have build an empire without a ruler, as Samael the Lightbringer, their enigmatic leader, has vanished over 300 years ago. But their presence is known to us all, if you ask the Red, as their leader, the All-Parent is actually the sun itself. They call themselves Demons, and that they are, and they only bow their heads and horns before two things, the burning rays of Patriarch Samael and their own Anguish. They follow their spiritual leader's decrees, summarized in a cryptic and prophetic manifesto simply referred to as 'The Book', and leave only ashes in their wake of conquest. Then they take those ashes and ruins and rebuild them, taking control of vast parts of the known world; never shy to step sideways into the Otherworld to conquer there as well.   The Red's credo is simple: always strive, never settle. Only conquer what you can rule, and die protecting it. Over their provinces they rule with an iron fist and bureaucratic cunning. And into the Scarred Lands they march whenever they please, taking plunder and slaves to fuel their growing cities full to the brim of magical artifacts, emerging technology and occult practices. They were the Red Menace of the Underworld and might have swallowed all of Europe a-whole, if not the Grey had emerged from the bleak steppes of the East and stood in their way with rows of tanks and undead soldiers, covered in Devil's Blood and Greed. Now as it stands, the Red Beast and the Grey Dragon are at each other's throats; forming a squirming Ouroboros in eternal, deadly struggle.   Greed is a hole in your heart, and Pride is a hole in your soul. The Crimson Empire actually found its calling when it felt the impact of finding that one, true enemy that is worthy of their attention. The war that cuts through Europe like a scythe has been going on for ten years now, and in the decade past, the empire has evolved more than in the centuries before, riding the back of that blood-tide.


The Crimson Empire is actually closer to a republic in politics and strucutre, than an empire.    While they act and strive in the name of their spiritual leader, the sun-god Samael, this being is physically absent and not ruling the nation as an emperor:ess. The Red are religious people who believe that their All-Parent is still alive, but has embarked on a journey through the Other Worlds to find the Usurper; the enemy of all creation. Samael has left instructions on how to live and rule in their absence, though, only referred to as 'The Book'. It is the religious, but also the political and legal handbook on which all official business is conducted in Roma AEterna.   Because of this, the Crimson Empire is actually a republic ruled by a senate consisting of a number of representatives of the noble houses and the plebejans; but governed by an absent ruler who left their commandments for their subjects to guide them. Only Sinners qualify to be anointed as Senators, and in fact their Carnal plays a role, but their gender is irrelevant. The Senators are decreed by the Senate, but need to fulfil certain requirements to even be put up for vote. Crimson politics are complicated and often end in bloodshed. The noble houses wouldn't dare to make a move for the throne, though, no matter how much they fight among each other. Too deeply rooted is their obedience and reverence for the All-Parent; but besides that, every move for power that doesn't go against The Book is fair game.   Apart from the Senate who rules the everyday-life of the Crimson Empire, religion plays a huge role and is influencing politics to a great degree. Each of the seven noble houses traces their lineage and their credo back to at least one of the 13 Archons who are the founding parents of the temples of Roma AEterna; so royalty mixes and mingles with the clerus inevitably. Secularity is definitely not something the Red are striving for, so the priest:esses are always a part of the equation.  Crimson society follows a caste-system, although birthright is not as rigid a factor as it could be. Everyone can step up, in theory at least. But it is unarguably hard to really do so.


Crimson culture is decreed by their religion which permeates their whole view of the world. The decrees which are written down in The Book establish 13 Commandments, of Samael to live and strive by for pious Sinners, but you can summarize the most important decrees to be honored by all people of the Crimson Empire into four pillars:   Righteousness.
Roma AEterna is a nation build upon the crushed bones of giants who fell in an ancient war in the time before times. And the Red see themselves and their civilization as the remnants of an ancient cult who crushed these treacherous titans to end their rule and found the new Now. Their spiritual ruler saw injustice and sacrificed everything to undo it. Thus they lay claim to the entire world and are willing to take it by force. Samael's Pride was their downfall, but it also lead to their resurrection. So Righteousness and Pride are the holy Sins everybody should embrace.   Responsibility.
Samael sacrificed their own life to lay claim upon creation and through their light, the world was reborn. Everything exists through the martyrium of the sun, but without its guiding light, it would be nothing. When you claim something as your own you need to be able to protect it furthermore. One of Samael's decrees states: Do not take what you cannot rule. Take whatever you want by force, but when bloodshed is over, take responsibility for what you claimed. That includes all property, wealth, oaths and life - from the prisoners of war to the plundered field animals.   Strive.
Crimson culture means conquest and strive. It's a society dominated by Sinners; Demi-Gods in their own right who rule by complex, yet martial laws and follow the religious cult of their All-Parent into a glorious cycle of death and rebirth. Weakness isn't an attribute well viewed, compassion for strangers is seen as flaw of character and to be content is a sin before the sun god. Not everyone has to be a leader, but if you aren't strong enough to rule, at least strive to be a good asset or servant to your patriarch.   Patriarchy.
Family is immensely important and isn't just defined by blood bonds, but also vows of servitude and adoption. A patriarch rules over their family and is not to be questioned as long as they guarantee their flock strives and prospers, but the moment they falter, it is everyone's right and sacred duty to challenge them. A patriarch's sacred duty is to keep the family together and well. Blood-bonds aren't the only way to build a family. Especially patrician families rely on Sinners to stribe; and as Sin isn't inherited by blood alone, a cunning patriarch needs to seek out subjects and add them to the family by vow, adoption and creed to keep it strong.   Patriarch is a title untangled of gender rules in the Crimson Empire - it comes from the ancient word patria = family and arkhes = ruling. Samael, the Lightbringer, the All-Parent and highest ranking saint in the Crimson religion was a genderfluid being; thus gender roles are of little to no importance in the empire except for some very specific exemptions


Raw AEther, weapons and Rubedo are the Crimson empire's greatest goods.    But their key to conquest and victory are their soldiers and military expertise. The Crimson have marched since the dawn of time. and they will never stop. The nobility cements their power with relentless troops, lead by strategist born and bread to command dynasties build on military prowess. Those who have inherited and advanced tactics of seafaring skirmishes to large-scale landing battles for generations have the single-minded goal to advance and built upon the legacy of their ancestors by striving for even greater power and conquest.   And with conquest comes plunder and occupation. The Crimson have absorbed and assimilated countless cultures who they have met and laid siege to; and they take it all. When the Red march, they do not stop after the enemy waves a white flag. Technologies, tactics, knowledge are absorbed, evaluated and taken to enhance their own techniques. The empire is rich in material wealth and knowledge, and they are cunning in their ways of accumulating even more.

Demography and Population

The Crimson Empire is the most populated nation in the known world. While the Alliance covers more ground, the Red control the Mediterranean Seas with all their islands and generally more densely populated land mass. All the praefectures together count over 13 billion inhabitants. General census isn't exactly accurate however, as the rulers of the municipalities are in charge of estimating their population in regards to tax duties. It is pretty common to 'correct' those numbers to a more favorable outcome depending on the variables. About 15% of the population are slaves and other unfree people.


The cradle of Crimson civilisation lies in Meggido, a battlefield long forgotten and no longer accessible to the Meta Realm. the Outer World has completely taken it. But from this battlefield where the world before the world ended and was eventually reborn, Samael and their disciples split into other territories and started new cities there. One of the most important settlements used to be in Attica, by the river Acheron, one in Alexandria upon the River Styx and one at the foot of Mount Vesuvius by the River Phlegaton. But for some reason the most important city of all, the heart pumping hot blood through the veins of the Crimson Empire, would grow from a rather inconspicuous little place, hidden between seven hills and at the shores of the River Lethe; a tiny place called Rome.   From Rome, which became Roma AEterna in the following years of inside fighting and sibling quarrel between Samael's flock, the Crimson conquered the whole Mediterranean by boat and boot and beast, and the Crimson empire now reaches from the southern, black shores of the Burning Lands over Constantinople, further through the Attican Isles, covering the Dalmatian Heights and the Tatzelworm's Back. So from the deepest depths of the seas to the highest highs of the mountains does Samael's voice command, and if it wasn't for the Alliance's forces, the Crimson would have had no intention of stopping there.

Foreign Relations

The Allianace
  The war between the Grey and the Red has shook up the entire known world, but nobody can hold their breath for ten years. While it has eaten away at the resources of both nations, the rest of the young territories was able to get up and grow without the relentless attacks of the one or the other giant. But it looks like the Mechanical Dragon and the Blood Beast won't be at each others' throat forever. Lately the war effort has been stagnant, with push and shove being equally unsatisfying for both parties. Could it be that these two giants have found their equal in each other? Conquest, war and victory are in the Crimson's blood and soul; backing away from a fight is not an option. Samael does favor the bold and looks with disappointment on those who tried to take, but weren't strong enough to actually rule. But something has to change. The war of attrition has damaged the Crimson economy and slowed their prowess into other regions like the Burning Shores where their military forces are direly needed to deal with an entirely different set of threats.    The Baltic Rim
  The Baltic Rim us too far up north for the Red to have real interest in this territory. Raiding parties sometimes breach into the Scarred Lands and make their way up to the northern shores to plunder and pillage and bring home exotic looking slaves. But the empire doesn't have any real grasp of the people who live there and what is hiding under the surface of the icy waters. If they would, they would probably change their priorities. but the Alliance makes a big effort to keep that knowledge from them.   The Burning Shores
  Quite on the contrary to the northern most islands of rotting steel and icy winds, the Burning Shores are well within the Crimson's grasp; and they have made great progress conquering and submitting them to their rule. Roma Aeterna has several provinces claimed on the south side of the Mediterranean Seas. But the new shores are treacherous above and beyond the mercilessly burning sun - Samael's gaze is piercing the land, so the Red say, as to dry it out and make it ready for the taking. Full of mad Beasts and shaken by Phenomena so violently, it is hard to believe anybody built a decent living there, the armies of Roma AEterna have waged war and conquest on the black beaches for generations now. They have come to harvest the Rubedo and the raw AEther, and have stayed for the unexpected gift of fertile grounds around the lifeline that is the River Lethe. but especially in the east, rumor has it, that treachery and revolution is afoot. The locals aren't quite done with being oppressed and several unrests have ruptured the peace and endangered the grain deliveries to the main provinces.    The Free City State of Praha
  Praha is the portal to trade and exchange with all the other nations and territories in the Scarred Lands, and also, in extension the Alliance. The greedy Magocracy ruling the Golden City has cunningly forged a bond with both rivalling nations to benefit from the war more than anybody else. And it is keenly working in their favor. While nobody in the Crimson Empire would admit it freely, diplomatic relationships with Praha are of utmost importance. Nowhere else will the Red find merchants and opportunity to acquire at least some of the Nigredo that the Alliance pours out on the market. While they know they have to pay in precious Rubedo, which then again is sold back to the mortal enemy with excruciating fees, strengthening the Grey's army, the Crimson Empire has one more ace up their sleeve: making sure another product they are willing to give freely makes it's way to the black markets and underbellies of Kyi, Moscowa and Warsaw; the Red Dream. While it is forbidden by death penalty to trade raw poppies and clean opium, the Crimsons make sure Praharian merchants get good rates on distilled, opium-based drugs. These products then enter the market and make their way into Alliance territories; making sure the enemy doesn't have what they need to cure the pain of their wounded of war, but a fatally addictive drug as only way of coping.   The Scarred Lands, greater
  The Narbenland north of the Tatzelworm's Back is still of interest to the Crimson Empire, especially its people who make good slaves to fuel the machinery of the empire's ever expanding cities. For the Red, it's nothing personal, but the Narbenländer beg to differ. They hate the Crimson flag even more so than the Alliance's grey banners - and that's exactly how the Grey would have it. While they sway the free cities with their cheap goods, their odd music and expose them to their propaganda and technology, the Red don't make any move towards the Scarred Landers, trespassing through their land and raiding their people, and this is a grave mistake. The Bund is slowly getting more traction and more and more free territories make peace and file contracts with the newly forming federation of city states. It is going to be seen if the Red will regret the day they overlooked the ambition of this patchwork of cultures in front of their doorstep.   Siebenbürgen
  The Land of the Dead has been around for a very, very long time. The first tribes to settle and announce kings and territories had run ins and scuffles with the Crimson Empire almost since the beginning of this world. But the Red don't intend to take the rough and unfertile rocks and woodland mountains from the claws and fangs of the Netherlords. It is simply of no interest to them. As with the Scarred Lands, they simply raid and pillage the territory whenever they feel like it and otherwise use it as buffer zone between them and the larger Alliance territory. The Red know that the undead of the woods have no interest in taking any territory beyond their home soil; and if they would send troops, Roma AEterna is confident in the call of the Undercity to take it's toll and avert any potential danger.

War makes for better Peace. Pax Romana!

Founding Date
0 CoMa
Alternative Names
Roma AEterna, The Bloody Quilt, the Red Beast
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Legislative Body
The Senate of Roma AEterna
Executive Body
The Praetorian Guard and the Nobility responsible for the respective territory.
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

Crimson Social Hierarchy

    I. The Patricians
They are the ruling caste and govern over the common people; they also have the most seats in the senate. Patrician families have most areas of life and business shared among themselves for generations now. Every noble family has to add to the empire's military, also. Failing to provide troops lessens the power and influence of a family immediately, no matter their other assets and bearings. But it doesn't matter where their soldiers come from, so a welathy family might as well buy their soldiers and protect their precious blood from getting bruised on the battlefield. a practice that is frowned upon, though.

They can vote, run for political OR clerical office and own land and property.   I.a The Clerus   Preist:esses are a side-step of the pyramid from the patricians, and never in direct conflict with them. The temples work hand in hand with the Senate; although there is a lot of intrigue and in-fighting among the houses, families and thus also individual priest:esses. a cleric can never be a Senator and vice versa. If an individual submits itself to the Archon's Calling, it's usually for life. And many priest:esses are recruited from the ranks of influential noble families. Having influence and ties in the temples is of a lot of benefit after all. But generally speaking, nobody can stop anyone from making a sacrifice or entering a temple in good faith; it would be sacrilege and a death sentence for the offender.   They can vote, run for clerical offices and own land and property.   II. Military Nobility
Your best bet to make it in Roma AEterna despite being born a commoner is to act fiercely on the battlefield. A common soldier who has served long and well enough can be awarded with a military rank that grants them a special status of wealth and almost-royalty.   They can vote, and own land and property. Under special circumstances, they can be anointed as Senator Populus.   III. Plebeians   The plebs are the next step down on the pyramid; and it's a large step down. They are the educated workers, the lawyers, the soldiers for hire, artists, philosophers and scribes. They do have a voice in the Senate, but The Book has reserved significantly less seats for them than for their noble counterparts.   They can vote, and own land and property. Under special circumstances, they can be anointed as Senator Populus.   IV. Proletarians
Uneducated workers, peons and mercenaries, charburners, tinkers, potters, whores and hustlers etc.   They can own land and property. But they rarely do, as they work low-wage jobs and are the poorest of the poor.   V. Slaves
The Crimson Empire fuels a massive part of the nation's workforce with slaves. They have no right to vote or own property - although they can have possessions and there are laws against killing them or subjecting them to 'unnecessary cruelty'.     They are unfree, but can have possessions. A slave can buy their freedom for example, but there is no law that decrees that a slave has to be paid. If the owner decides to pay them, though, that money and all their posessions are rightfully theirs, and technically, they can bring theft or any other crime against them or their property in front of a court. In reality, however, it is very hard for a slave to get to their right.

Samael's 13 Commandments:

  1. You shall not pledge yourself to any false Gods.
  2. The only God you serve, lies within you. Serve it by following your passion.
  3. Honor the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is for embracing your EGO.
  4. Indulge in your sins equally as you suffer for them - don’t submit to the Usurper’s chains.
  5. Modesty is false - confidence is true.
  6. There is no shame in succumbing to the Red Angel.
  7. Don’t speak your EGO’s name in vain.
  8. Don’t take a title you cannot enforce.
  9. Don’t create what you cannot protect.
  10. Don’t conquer what you cannot rule.
  11. Don’t destroy what you cannot rebuild.
  12. The Immortal Soul is all that is holy. Never disrespect it as the usurper did.
  13. Follow in my footsteps when you are ready to see me again.


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