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Everyday-language of the Crimson Empire.

Passionate, vicious, fast and impactful in its beats, Itavii is a descriptive and expressive language with a vast vocabulary and intricate correlations between phonetic context and grammar.    Itaavi is easy to learn, but hard to master. While the basics can be picked up by anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to end up on the wrong end of an argument with a Red merchant, whore or civil servant, coming across as proficient in a language that's more than 300 years old isn't easy. Luckily, all three of these options are equally likely and offer a completely different set of vocabulary and insults when you happen to live in- or travel through the Crimson Empire's provinces and prefectures.    Snappy and pompous like its speakers, Itavii offers many opportunities to boast, brag or greatly offend your conversation partner, intentionally or unintentionally, but is quick and forgiving when you are willing to put in the effort to make up for it and learn. It is spoken in such vastly different regions that local color and dialects have twisted and turned the meanings of individual words regionally, so it is a language that is almost impossible to speak in a way and come across as proficient or 'native' in any of the prefectures if you weren't in fact born there. While the Crimson Empire is narcissistic, ignorant and well, imperious as a nation, and its official language reflects that, it also bears the abundance of passion, empathy, affection, creativity and drama the citizens of the Crimson Quilt are capable of, and is as such very aproned to quickly be adapted to local cultural quirks and quips.

Geographical Distribution

Itavii is taught in schools all around Samael's mighty shadow, which includes all currently occupied territories as well as officially anointed prefectures. From the Alps to the Mediterranean Seas, the Balkan, the Itaavian peninsula and even as far as the shores of the Burning Shores it has spread; and some merchants, mercenaries and travelling folks have adapted it and spread it all across the Scarred Lands as well. Although it is viewed as the language of the enemy there, as is the Ally Tongue. The three first things the Red bring to a place where they are intending to stay are their wine, their laws and their language. And while the usually come brandishing weapons of war, their culture is very advanced and bears many benefits for those who are willing to embrace it. Itaavi is a tool to establish Crimson culture, and as such, comes with a vast vocabulary not just to express contexts of warfare and law, but also science, poetry and faith.


The Red aren't at all protective about their language. It is the only thing they are willing to give freely to everyone, even without a fight or occupation. Maybe, because they love fighting verbally as much as combat of arms, and there is unarguably no better language to passionately break up and make up than Itavii. The language carries a culture of passion, emotional chaos and conflict in its melodic, yet erratic words. A crescendo of elongated vowels interrupted by hissing consonants and a rhythm like waves of the ocean, Itaavi is mimicking by the sounds of the sea in the same way as the people who speak it are embodying by her temper.
Common Female Names
Allegra, Bice, Celestina, Camilla, Elettra, Fiametta, Giulia, Ilaria, Lelia, Marcia, Nives, Nicodema, Ofelia, Polissena, Rossa, Sabina, Taide, Velia, Ylenia, Zaira.
Common Male Names
Amato, Ardito, Bruno, Cosimo, Dante, Ennio, Fabrizio, Giacomo, Graziano, Ignazio, Leone, Massimo, Nereo, Orso, Prospero, Quirino, Remo, Settimo, Tacito.
Common Unisex Names
Amore, Fiore, Giò, Giusi, Loretto, Maria, Rosario, Vera.


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