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Alliance, the

Progress is fuel for the Machine

As a nation, the Alliance has a simple goal: their sole purpose is to unify and protect the world.   Alliance rulers like to think big and look at the known world as their oyster. When Alliance troops arrive in an area, they will always proclaim that they are here to form an alliance with the inhabitants of that place. The conditions are easy: Surrender all your weapons and provide the marching troops with resources, therefore, you will receive protection and be integrated into Alliance territory as part of the greatest nation of the world. As a result, all healthy and capable men and women will be re-assigned to a new purpose as decreed by the centrist government, and of course also might be conscripted into the Alliance's army at some point to help push the worthy cause of disassembling the demon army of the Crimson Empire.   Despite being a conquering army, crushing all resistance with brute force and superior firepower, the Grey, - as they are also called due to their grey uniforms and overalls - usually do care for their territories after successful occupation. They provide education and opportunity for the people who surrender and consecrate to the cause. Unfortunately all efforts of the Alliance lie in expanding and exploiting new territories for natural resources and work force. New Alliance citizens are relocated after assessment of their skill set and talents; by decree of the centralist government in Moscowa. That usually means moving deeper into the heart of the territory and live in one of the big cities, farming compounds or oil farms while their home regions are first made into border outposts. Pioneers are moved to new territory to extrapolate and develop the land according to the natural resources or terrain. And then, when the army moves on to further expand, that claimed territory becomes the home of new settlers who are moved there to generate maximum proceeds from whatever that land is good for. It's not the best life, and it surely doesn't give you a lot of freedom, but with a lot of luck and effort, you can get somewhere as an Alliance citizen.   The Alliance credo says all men are brothers; in arms, in strive, in death. But even though the Alliance is build on pillars of a noble cause and good intentions, corruption and extortion are common threats to their internal systems and economy, the war effort against the Crimson Empire has ripped a vast financial hole into the nation's coffers, and the more the realm expands, the more influences from other cultures threaten the Status Quo and national identity of the Alliance.


The Alliance is a centralist nation where all political decisions are made in the capitol of Moscowa. In theory, the seven democratic states forming the Alliance's body of power have a say in decisions concerning their municipal. The regional rulers are defined in democratic elections, but they all must be members of the one political party which pre-selects candidates in their municipal before validating them for an election.   The most influential and most populated municipalities are Moscowa, Kyi and Warsaw. Municipalities are called 'Oblasts'.

Public Agenda

The Alliance's key goal and bottom line of their whole culture can be summarized in one word: Progress.   Technological, personal, political progress. It doesn't matter how or which field, progress is key and standing still is equal to death. If you don't develop, advance, march forward, you might as well be dead, and as a caring mother, the Alliance as a nation makes sure everyone is accounted for and has a purpose that helps the nation to achieve this goal.   Apart from an intricate bureaucratic and legal apparatus, the most important rule-set in the Alliance is the 'Status Quo'*. It's a set of simpler rules that define the canon of public life to keep up the peace. Violations of the Status Quo are to be punished by law enforcement and in dire cases, the military. Upholding the Status Quo is every citizens first, national duty and propaganda is making sure nobody forgets about that; including all government owned outlets like newspapers, radio- and TV-Stations.   *see sidebar for full set of rules.


The key factor in the Alliance's success is their main resource: Nigredo, which they seem to have in abundance while it is relatively scarce in the rest of Europe. The seemingly unlimited access to the so called Devil’s Blood gives them an edge over their enemies, as they can refine and produce highly efficient fuel to make use of motorized vehicles and war machinery. Their forces move quickly and all larger cities as well as their front camps are usually electrified which gives them further edge in development.   In the last decade the Alliance has put emphasis on exploring additional resources like rawAether farming.


The Alliance culture feeds into the narrative that all men and women should be given a purpose that most benefits the community. This is a moral background easily explained with the origin of the nation, which lies in seven colonies of survivors who braved the End of the last World in vaults underneath what is nowadays the White Noise Tundra. If everyone is accounted for in the most effective way, the nation can strive and suffering can be reduced to a minimum, statistically. While this concept doesn’t translate to ‘all men are created equal’, it still represents a socialist ideal that is unique in the known world, standing in stark contrast to the religion- and individual-centered moral believes in the other Apex Nation; Crimson Empire. Your worth as a person as an Ally is mostly defined by your capability to do something that benefits the nation, the community, the family, the cause. But even if you have outlived your value, there is at least the promise of being taken care of by said family.   Speaking of the Crimson Empire, it cannot be overstated how much the Alliance changed after making contact with the mediterranean demons. What started as a patchwork of Oblasts founded by an ancient order of scientists outriding the end of their world in holes in the ground, but without any hope for a future, really 'came together' when they first ran into what would become their 'significent other'- the Red Beast. Some 15 years ago, the Alliance had become big and scattered enough that the different factions inside of the organization were readily at each others' throat. The old rules of bunker-life weren't applicable anymore, and the young nation was struggling to get on their feet. All the technological advancement in the world cannot protect a society build on Greed from turning in on each other. The only thing that could do that, and tell the Grey who they really were, was a mortal enemy to match oneself against it and forget your differences. And it worked like a charm. So much so, that in the Scarred Lands, they speak of the Alliance as the Grey Dragon only since they can reference to the seemingly endless power struggle these two behemoths are engaged in. The two most advanced factions in the known world owe much of their progress to each other and the war effort that emerged from their first contact at the Black Sea. It was a defining key factor in many of the structures embedded and lived throughout Alliance culture today, when they realized they were not undefeatable. Enemies define you, after all, and for a nation so keen on having a common goal to unite all of their people, the presence of a worthy enemy that could become their polar opposite, their mortal enemy, their antithesis, was key to their success.

Demography and Population

The occupied Alliance territory is so vast, that even the leaders in Moscowa don't exactly know how many people live in each of the geographical regions. while the Oblasts have an obligation to submit headcount to headquarters every 5 years, it is next to impossible to reach out to the very rural and remote areas covered in some of the municipalities and account for every living soul. Especially in the White Noise Tundra and in the Black Desert, some of the local tribes who mostly work in the Nigredo-Fields, are simply left unaccounted for. But it is to be expected that most people live in the big cities nowadays, where life-span is much higher as medical services and food supplies are reliable and good; and it has actually become a real problem for the Oblasts that too many are trying to flee their rural life and immigrate into the bigger city states.   Biggest city-states are Moscwa (1.004.461 souls), Kyi (660.000 souls) and Warsaw (430.000 souls, excluding the soldiers stationed there).


The Alliance resides in the eastern part of the known world and claims the bigger portion of the European continent up to the point where the Fleshwinds makes all expansion impossible. They share borders with the Scarred Lands to the west, the City State of Praha, the Slavic Kingdoms of Siebenbürgen and the Crimson Empire to the South; the latter ones being redefined daily as the war wages on.


The Alliance maintains a well-oiled military machinery. It's the corner stone of all of their endeavors, be it expansion, civil life or economy. Most scientific endeavors are also military operations and funded by the same pot.   70% of all military personnel are professionals, about 20% are recruited by force and about 10% drafted. Criminals sentenced to death or hard labor can sometimes chose to accept a military assignment instead. In some areas, military personnel is conscripted into service due to certain circumstances or upon requirement.

Technological Level

The Alliance is the most technological advanced nation in the known world. There are some less significant groups or organizations with a higher tech level, but none of them have the means to produce New Tec on a large scale. Most of the Alliance's efforts to strive and unite are based on their technologies. All bigger cities in Alliance territories are connected to power plants to allow most households to have access to electricity. A novelty that has come to pass in the past decade and is thanks to their efforts to exploit fossil energy sources as well as AEther technologies and science.


The Alliance condemns any kind of religion or faith as superstition. According to the Status Quo, all achievements, be they personal or national, are based on scientifically facts and self-advancement.   Apart from that, the Alliance doesn't go out of their way to pursue or outlaw religion. But you can be sure that your neighbors will probably find you suspicious if you happen to practice any kind of religious ritual or faith in your everyday life. worst case, they snitch on you to the authorities and claim you're dealing with dark powers or are possessed by an evil spirit. And you really don't want to end up in one of the 'correction facilities' of the Ordo Scientifica. So best practice your religion in private.

Foreign Relations

The Baltic Rim   Little is known about the sunken cities along the Baltic Rim. The sea is rough and beasts and ghosts roam the waters, but it's widely known that people live across the scattered rock islands across the rim. The Alliance has fortified their coastal territories on the continental side of the waters at great cost to withstand the onslaught of the erratic tides and unpredictable storms, let alone other quite destructive phenomena. Rumor has it, there's Devil's Blood to be found on the bottom of the salty pit. So naturally, with a prize so valuable, the Greys have set their eyes on the target and are surely planning to move forward and conquer the rim.   Roma Aeterna   The Alliance is one of the two key factions which try to conquer and shape the known world in their own image; the other one being the Crimson Empire. These Apex Nations are in what seems like an eternal struggle for dominance and the mutual war effort is a defining factor in their strive for progress and superiority, which is why you can’t really mention one without referencing the other as well. Wherever the two grind into each other, the battlefield digs deep into the known worlds, scarring the land and veil with trenches, firepower and phenomena. Both factions claim more ground than all the smaller factions together.   The City State of Praha   The Alliance fosters careful diplomacy with the City State of Praha after unsuccessfully trying to conquer it three times. Praha has made it clear that they would rather perish than become part of the Alliance's plan, and as this would be a pure waste of good money, Aether and people (in that order), it seems a fragile but permanent peace is blooming between the Big Brother and the Little Sister. Praha appears to have similar values than the Alliance on first glance, but these two players couldn't be more different in their moral values, social structure, history and culture.   Siebenbürgen   The Slavic Kingdoms seem to be a a thorn in the Alliance's side since the beginning of time. Diplomatic endeavors are started and fail every other day with one or another of the warring Lords and Ladies, but so far, no stable solution was found for this sorrowful region. Alliance troops will eventually march in every now and then, just to be driven out again or lose territory on another front and having to withdraw. The government eventually decided to 'deal with that situation later' if at all, and so as of date, there is no notable agreement or bigger conflict underway.   The Scarred Lands   Apart from still trying to get a foothold in the City State of Praha, the Alliance has slowed down and then finally stopped their conquest of the Scarred Lands in recent years. Maybe they have their hands full with their ongoing war with the Crimson Empire or they have other plans, but for now it seems the borders to the West are set and stable. Imports from Alliance territory pour into the Scarred Lands now without constant fear of annexation, making life more comfortable for everyone. Scarred Landers are suspicious by nature, so it would be a far stretch to call the relationship with Big Brother 'diplomatic'. But it's an improvement from the former state of active war. Berlin has become one of the main hubs of trade between the two factions and thus has seen an influx of population and traders, boosting both it's popularity and influence over the other warring states.   Quote:
"Y'know 'tis real easy to get your hands on a gun these days. The Greys seem to look the other way more and more when their shipments of firesticks 'get lost' somewhere on the road to Warsaw... so you'll find a highwayman or a gypsy with some neatly packed bullets and a boombat with a number, acting up and shouting about freedom, around every corner now. 'tis all good if it helps us fight for the liberty of our lands, the big wigs in the big city halls say. What *I* say is, the Greys, they still feed us bullets, just they don't even need to move their fat asses down here to make us stare down the barrel of their guns - because we're doing that for them."
  • Bomberman Fryer, III Clansman from the Rustlords Family.
  • Agriculture & Industry

    Large parts of the nation are still very rural, and mostly engage in agricultural endeavors. This is a requirement to feed the expanding territories and the big cities which are quite endowed with technologically advanced amendments.   In the cities and their outside districts, factories and manfucatures strive alongside big industry like power plants and waste disposal facilities.

    Trade & Transport

    The Alliance maintains a network of railroads and roads across the territory that connects all major cities and some of the more rural areas. Hot spot is Warsaw where the main military facility and central hub of logistics is stationed.


    Education is made available and even compulsory in most parts of Alliance territory, and while most people from rural areas don’t have the best chances of ascending the social ranks, society changes slowly and with increasing wealth and technological progress.   The Alliance has a schooling system with public schools. Attending is mandatory for children from ages 6-10. After that, higher grade education is subject to scholarships or home schooling. The newly forming civil elite can afford teachers and tutors for various arts, crafts and sciences, but the best education is undoubtedly had at one of the 3 great universities. Admittance is strictly limited to certain individuals who have to endure rigorous testing of their knowledge and skills.


    The Alliance covers a vast territory. Keeping it all connected is a key factor of their success, and one of their biggest challenges. Even rural areas are usually connected to a network of dust roads which are carefully guarded by the military. In the past decade the government has made good progress in expanding the railroad system across the nation, connecting the most vital places of power with an impressive logistic network. Mostly, to fuel the war effort in their ongoing struggle with the Crimson Empire.

    Big Brother, the world is your Little Sister.

    Founding Date
    133 CoMa
    Geopolitical, Magocracy
    Alternative Names
    Mother Alliance, The Big Brother, The Grey Dragon
    Training Level
    Ally/Allies, Grey
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Client state / puppet state
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Major Exports
    Weapons, oil and fuel; mostly via The Free City State of Praha.
      Apart from that, the Alliance pours massive amounts of relatively cheap, mass-produced convenience items into the Scarred Lands, like clothes and shoes, canned food and cigarettes.
    Major Imports
    Alliance territory is so vast that almost all resources needed to keep the nation going are produced within their borders. Notable exceptions are gold, Aether and opium.

    Neighboring Nations

    The Status Quo

      Progress is Life. All Living things strive. It is your duty to strive and further yourself, your brothers and the nation with all of your efforts.   All Men are brothers. Brothers share Arms and Goals. Support your brothers and the nation in all efforts of war, strive and improvement.   Science conquers Superstition. Educate yourself about all ways of life possible. If you cannot, raise a question with your Brothers.   Knowledge must be Shared. Learn, grow, teach. Sitting idle is equal to death, and not sharing knowledge is preventing progress.   Superiority must be earned. To teach others, one must learn to be a student first. Don't teach others false lessons; validate your superiority before you share.   Idle Hands don't strive. Work means progress and progress is life's goal. Don't sit and wait for an idea to come to you, work hard to achieve it.   The Brother sees everything. You are the eyes and ears and hands of the Brother. The Brother will always extend his hands towards anyone in need. Speak, report, ask - but never have secrets from your Brother.


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