Agrippa's Alchemists

Agrippa’s Alchemists, sometimes referenced to as ‘Agrippians’ are a faction of travelling merchants, surgeons and healers. They are also skilled practitioners of alchemy and have dedicated all their life and strife as an order to honing, advancing and protecting this ancient science.   In a world where the supernatural is well, natural, being an alchemist is an honorable trade in places of power, but a less appreciated, yet direly needed commodity in uneducated parts of the known world. Applying driving away curses and administering concoctions that are meant to heal are good business - until the patient dies despite your efforts, and a lynch mob is formed to deliver justice to the quack who is to blame - OR a Crimson Empire raiding party takes you as a slave. Therefore, studied scholars tend to stay put in their laboratories and universities or safely installed in the military of one of the two Apex Nations, making it hard to find a skilled alchemist in the Scarred Landswho isn't already employed by someone with both the money and the influence to entertain such a luxury, leading to a bit of a draught in medical professionals who are tending to the needs of the common folks in the heart of Europe.     Agrippa’s Alchemists are the remedy for that problem. They classify as an organization dedicated to science and alchemy, having sworn some kind of oath to protect and cure people, but refuse to harm them. They only act violently in self-defense and rumor has it, that if you try to hurt or scam any Agrippian, ever, you and your settlement will be cursed. Agrippians travel the land alone or in small groups, are equipped with high-tech vehicles or well-kept horses, and usually carry an impressive amount of gadgets, technology and tools with them, seemingly able to cure any physical or supernatural ailment for the right price. They dress in white garments with blood red ornaments and wear masks to protect themselves from infectious diseases. Their uniform and attire is widely known, and they are always welcome in any enclave or polis due to the invaluable service they offer for remote communities.  

A digital drawing of a slim person in a white plague doctor mask and cloak, holding a silver box up to their chest. In theirleft hand, they are holding a unicorn horn that is taller than themselves, ordained with black bands, a hilt and a silver tip. by Alexej Axis

  Little is known about Agrippan Alchemist's real motifs or their organisation behind the travelling doctors. They rarely talk about anything but their craft and science. They are individuals who are not above taking off their masks and drink at the local inn, but they usually don't mix and mingle with the locals or chat about their private lives. There have been rumors about a hidden old-tech network that they make use of to pass information around the continent, though. Their uniform style and alignment in medical principles imply that they are organized and qualify as a faction, but so far nobody seems to know what they’re after as a universal goal, if they have any. But it is clear that all Agrippians seem to follow a kind of codex that is good to adhere to if you want to deal with them on friendly terms.    It is well-known that they are obsessed with Rubedo, both as a color and material and usually wear gold and white as a color combination. Some are keen and bold enough to have nicknamed them 'magpies' behind their back, due to their habit of preferring gold and trinkets as payment for their services. If one is lucky, they are willing to work or trade their ointments and medicine for other useful things, like Old Tec, food or money. But their services are not cheap by any means, yet invaluable even in the more civilized stretches of the Scarred Lands which are controlled by the BUND. Common folk have learned over generations not to anger Agrippa's Alchemists, as it is said, whoever kills one of them will be cursed by blood, and no Agrippian will ever set foot in their settlement again until every descendant of the evil-doer and witness of the crime has died.

"Time is the Healer of all necessary Evils."

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Agrippa's Alchemist's banner & crest is a two-headed, pearlescent white snake on blood-red ground; winding upwards, crowned by a calligraphic impression of a stylized letter 'A' in brush pen.  


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