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Goldshell is the largest desert city created by the Icesparked. While the Oranic Desert averages around 50 - 60 degrees Celsius, while inside the city temperatures can drop to 25 degrees on colder days and -10 at night.

The surface of the city is littered with fountains and Ice-Spikes, this is to make sure that even thorough the extreme heat, while in the city people should have no fear of dehydratation. The water is thoroughly cleaned and filtered around each and every hour. That is done by using the saliva of Shieldrabbits which has desinfection and preservation properties to clean and preserve the water inside the city, Shieldrabbit's saliva is not harvested and instead is collected by the Ice Floor on which the city sits on. This Ice Floor will absorb the saliva and later when starting to melt dispose of it in the cities water system.

The economy of Goldshell is considered one of the best in Eden, their currency, Plate, is made out damp sand which is then frozen. This material is incredibly hard as the desert sand when damp is already able to sustain its form under 60 kg and when frozen up to 240. Plates are currently most expensive although thier low-production value doesn't make them outrageously hard to create which would create an artificial price set only by its rarity rather than actual value.

More about the city will be said down below because in Featherfall's article I wrote everything here instead of putting it in its right category like an idiot.


Goldshell doesn't have many laws, but being in such a harsh environment, it instead counts on the benevolence and cooperation of its citizens to be kept running. The city itself is Anarchistic, meaning no actual leaders exist, however, a non-aggression pact must be signed using the Devil's Ink, a mixture of Desert Ink; Shieldrabbit Milk; Crushed Mint-Mango seeds; Hot Lava. Upon all of these substances being added, presuming they have been added in the right order, a perfumed ink will be created, which upon being used to sign something with, will disallow the user from breaking that pact unless it is destroyed.


Ice Shamans - The Ice Shamans, also known as The Cultists, are a small number of individuals who have mastered the art of controlling and generating Ice. They are the ones who have created the Ice Spikes around 200 years ago, and are still living due to a secret elixir created by them. They are not actual cultists, but they are involved in religious practices such as offering Mango's to gods by laying them in the fountains. Them and their Shieldrabbits are sometimes found in The Fortune's Home, a small cathedral in the middle of Goldshell where they will listen to your problems and attempt to find a solution


Ice Spikes - They are what keeps the city running, as the city is created on a large ice floor, in order to keep it from melting fast during the day, the solution are 3 large obelisks made out of Mint-Mango infused ice. These obelisks are incredibly large and long and estimates include another 600 years before melting to an amount they won't be effective at. These Ice spikes create a cold, perfumed mist around the city which heavily decreases its temperature to a comfortable level.


Devil's Ink - This mixture who's ingredients are incredibly hard to get a hold of is highly sought-after around Eden, as its properties are incredibly powerful.


Most of the structures built in Goldshell are made out of sandstone or Icestone, the mixture which Plates are created from

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