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Flamefang is a large town situated on the mountain next to the Canyon of the Chirps.

It is considered one of the most open and currently most powerful city in millitary terms. The population, unlike other cities, has a variety of Familiars, ranging from foxes to bears, it is generally agreed that any animal able to withstand to cold is welcome into the city. Besides that, much of the Town's culture pushes people towards getting millitary training in using the Flamespark along with proper use of several weapons. This is due to the traditionalistic culture of the city which mostly consists on protecting the city and achieving honor through a plethora of means which can range from:

Artifact Hunting - The Island of Eden has many powerful and useful artifacts spread out across the whole landscape, these can range from gems which can channel the spark further or stronger to objects which can store electricity [usually, people attach a large metal pole to these in order to harvest the lightning
Egg Harvest - Some braver folk might try to steal an egg from one of the 3 Mythical Beasts found in Eden [will detail later]
Now that is not to say that the main characterisitic of the city is the different ways of gaining honor. The City itself is the host of many festivals to which people from every city(except Featherfall) come celebrate. One of this events is the Flame's Blossom, which takes place for two days. The Flame's Blossom in an event in which the Sun remains present for 52 Hours in the sky. Besides this, all forms of light and heat are seemingly strengthed, which is why people from Goldshell often leave a few days before, only the Shaman's remaining to help the Ice Spikes withstand the heat. Meanwhile, in Flamefang, all of the snow melts and trees blossom for the remaining time of the event. After the festival, everything seemingly returns to normal, for some people it can be quite depressing due to Flamefang having a fairly grim and boring landscape excluding The Flame's Blossom


61.5 % - Canines
10.5% - Vulpines
18 % - Ursidae

Founding Date
Large town

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