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Featherfall is the largest city of the Windsparked. It is situated in a large with houses and buildings hanging from its sides, bridges connecting every one of them. Due to the nature of the city, the Bridges have to be of top quality, with the rope having to be flexible but incredibly durable, and the actual material constructing the bridge to be light and easy to obtain. The City itself is full of various types of birds native to the magical island, such as the Three-Pointed Snow Goose, Crimson Hawk, and the Four-winged Swan, to name a few. Due to their presence, and the illegality of hurting any bird present in Featherfall, the Feathers shed by the birds are used in various clothing and even used in the production of the city's currency, this leads to economic outbursts and inflation in shedding season and in the currency's price rising during the rest of the year. The dynamic economy helps narrow down the difference between rich and poor citizens, being very hard to stay in the upper-class for more than a year, and being very unlikely to be under the poverty line for more than around 3 months at any given time. In terms of how feathers help create currency, several feathers can be given to one of the Banks in Featherfall, and in return,n one may receive money in the form of Talon, the official currency. Small feathers are typicall 1/10th of a Talon, medium feathers around 1/4t,h and large feathers can be 1/2 of a Talon.

Featherfall, besides its success as one of the most safe cities on the island, also has a flourishing music scene. This is because of the presence of Birds, which if trained, can sing in coordination with humans, creating symphonies much more complex, with more depth and an overall more appealing sound.

The Dark Side of the city however is its isolation from the outside world. Although typically, each citizen in Featherfall must respect the others, leaving the city, even if for a short period, will cause many to look down on you. After centuries of the Canyon protecting and providing citizens with the luxury of feeling safe, away from the worlds' harm, leaving it shows the lack of respect and gratitude for the city, which made this practice become taboo. However, this does not mean other inhabitants of the Island may not enter the city, for they are allowed to do so, however, Traders and Travelers must state how long they're staying in a small pamphlet which must be present on them at all times. If this is not done, entering the city is illegal UNLESS you become an official citizen, which is not a good thing unless you plan to stay, as a bounty will be put on you for leaving the city afterwards,


The Laws of Featherfall

  1. Any avian creature present in Featherfall shall be treated with the utmost respect and be cared for. Any physical harm, or intentional mishandling will be punished with life in the Catacombs.
  2. The collection and use of another citizen's bird feathers [unless with their permission] is illegal and will be punished with a fine raging from 25.000 - 350.000 Talons based on the amount of feathers collected
  3. The use of a Wind's Edge to cut someone's bond without their permission is considered an action equal to murder and is punishable with life in the Catacombs.
  4. Intentional and Unintentional killing of someone holds the same sentence, resulting in the remaining life of the person being lived in the Catacombs.
  5. Vandalism in any way shape or form can lead to structural problems which can affect the entire city, fines range from 15.000 - 4 million Talons based on the severity along with the repairing or cleaning up of said acts.
  6. Illegal production of Wind's Edge can cause many problems which could lead to city-destroying events. Any unauthorized maker or seller is punished with 45 years in the Catacombs.


Featherfall has a number of important functions which keep the city running.

A small portion of the canyon is lined with quarries and ladders in order to mine and find ores keeping the cities economy running.
Featherfall is of course lined with sturdy bridges and perches for birds and humans alike.


A valuable asset of Featherfall is Wind's Edge. Its a knife forged out of Runestone and Silver created to be able of severing the bond between a human and an animal. Severing a bond can have many dangerous side effects, as having the spark heavily slows down aging, once a bond is severed along with the spark, the victim might very quickly age. This works in reverse for the animals, as they will quickly be 'reborn' returning to a young age often resembling 2 or so months after birth in physical age. In order to not waste the life of birds, old members of families might surrender their animal to a younger, spark-less member of the family by severing their ties with the animal and then creating a bond between it and the other member.


Featherfall is mostly made out of wood and other lightweight materials. While the houses are often simple yet colorful in nature, the bridges are are very well-engineered in order for quick, easy, and reliable travel across the Canyon .

Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Canyon of Chirps
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