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Magic Meta Basics

Magic on Edeima functions through a use of mind-intent, math and manipulation: the Three Ms. 1. Mind-intent. Not everyone on Edeima can use magic because it requires a certain amount of focus while performing calculations and manipulation of the textile. Without the ability to focus, the inherent magic available within the mind is not activated.  2. Without the ability to perform calculations WHILE focusing and manipulating the textile, magic is either of minimal strength and will fade depending on that strength OR of minimal breadth. That is, it will only affect a small amount of textile. The more complicated the calculation with focus of intent, the greater the strength and breadth of influence. 3. Manipulation of textile is actually the first thing taught in any school because this is a skill set that can be performed with or without magic. If you can manipulate iron, you can become a smith or seamstress even if you have no magic.  Thus, Stella's undergraduate studies prepared her for manipulating all types of fabric with her eyes shut so that she can focus on other things. Second years begin the study of calculations and what they do. Learning to create a formula on the spot is potentially life-saving. Second years also begin the study of Mind-intent, which basically amounts to a rigorous physical and metaphysical training to access the brain's magical centers. The final for second year is intended to show whether the student has the capacity to apply a basic magical application to the textile of choice. If they are capable of doing so, they are allowed to either continue with their studies as graduate students or to practice First Level Magics outside of their school's environs.  First Level Magics mean that they are allowed by law to make and sell magical textiles meant to be used for the city's greater good. First Level Magics have the strength and brea
dth to affect localized textiles for up to five years' of use. If a Magus (First Level Magic-user) advances in strength beyond five years of use OR their magic demonstrably affects other items around it, they are automatically advanced to a Sage level, given access to greater education (which they ARE required by law to partake in) and can demand a higher value on their goods. Lots of Magi don't want to advance to Sage because the education will take them away from their income in the short run and may leave their shop open for a buyout by rival industries. If a Magus embraces their education and becomes a Sage, their status will allow them to sell their products beyond their home and their home itself gains in prestige. Their textiles are marked as "By S. [Name] of [Town]" which is a big honor for all involved.  If the student elects to continue their studies at their school and continue into graduate levels, they will either wash out, but still be granted a Magus status OR they'll graduate as a Sage within two years. All magical studies have certain perils. Smiths embue their metal with a magical fire that's either left within the metal in acceptable, safe levels or the Smith accepts that fire within their body. Over time, they may no longer be able to maintain this fire and start to develop scaly skin. A skilled Smith can live as a Drake for thousands of years, become more and more dragon-like, but all Sages lose fertility. Magic affects reproductive cells. All Sage-levels will gain a longer life-span.

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