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Ede Valley

Ede Valley is your average, everyday suburb just outside of the City. It's got everything, neighborhoods, parks, libraries that double as dragon hoards, private schools run by megalomaniac scientists. Wait a second...   In truth, Ede Valley is home to almost every strange person you can think of. Witches cast spells to ace math tests, mafia heirs build their empires on illicit supernatural substances, and daemons run pubs and make deals with mortals behind the scenes. It's a town of strange rituals and unearthly beings, and no one... really seems to notice all that much.   Countless stories abound in the tomes of Ede Valley, too many to count, in fact. And even beyond the bounds of the small suburb are worlds and gods beyond reckoning. I hope you have your towel, and don't forget to say "fuzzy pickles", because you're in for a wild ride.

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