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Battle Eagles

The Eagles were once the pride of Teontia. Lauded with tales of heroism, bravery, and power, they held a strong place as Teontia's Guild of choice for slaying something strange or unfortunate.   However, In the last 50 years or so, they've been in decline and only held the #1 spot in the city for so many years because they were the 'only' option. They recruited decreasingly capable hunters and were offered fewer and fewer high profile contracts but they remained afloat thanks to the cachet of their name. When the Lightningsong came into being, it quickly snatched customers and contracts from the Eagles just by being a new option.


Everyone is organized into one of 4 'Clans' within the guild that act as administrative bodies. These clans are designed to create a sense of camaraderie and family, but inevitably only drive intra-clan competition up thanks to the rankings systems they put in place. Clans also compete with each other for dominance, further stressing the issue.
Clan Names
  • Wings
  • Talons
  • Beak
  • Eye

Public Agenda

To take down the Lightningsong and return to their former glory.


Their clan hall is a relic, but a well built one. Boasting dormitories big enough to house double its current members, and a full kitchen and bar, the Aerie is a guild hall to be proud of.
Leader Erasmios
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative names
Eagles, Aerie

Bowing and Scraping

After the rise of the Lightningsong, the Eagles fell in the eyes of The Triumvirate. They now see them as the discount option and only hire them when it's not terribly important. The Eagles, however, have taken to being subservient to the Triumvirate's agents in a desperate attempt to gain favor. This has not helped morale.

Emnity and rivalry on one side, indifference on the other

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