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Scattered Petals Guildhall

"A place where dozens of people can sit and laugh and tell their stories.   A home with a warm stove, a cold drink, and a meal for all who need it.   A gathering ground, a rallying cheer, a legion of allies.   A place that we can be proud of. That's what I want to build."
The guildhall for the Scattered Petals, a mercenary guild under former adventurer Alfield Skybreaker. It's a very large space, equipped with a full kitchen, a large meeting hall, several rooms for members as well as office space within its walls. That isn't even to mention the basement level, largely unutilized, and the surrounding farmland, very utilized.   Built in 985 EE by founder Alfield Skybreaker and his former party mates, it's gone mostly unused as the paltry members The Scattered Petals have had in the last two decades haven't lasted long, and the guild has gone unfilled for years now.

Purpose / Function

The guildhall was designed to be a large gathering place for potential guildmates and is fitted with all the needs of living and comfort, as well as convenience for the crafting equipment (in need of serious repair).   The plot of farmland it's connected to is used by Alfield to grow vegetables to support himself and the base costs of the guildhall, and in that path, he's rather popular among Wind, even though his mercenary guild isn't a real point of tourism.


The building was originally created with a grand design, which hasn't gone changed so far, but repairs have been made over the years, although Alfield does his best to make sure it stays as true to form as possible.


The building is entirely made of wood and plaster, locally sourced from the Bulls-eye woods, and is styled after a longhouse that was common for traditional structures in Magnum Opus before the country was split and occupied, slightly modified to make use of the land. The interior is still mostly wood, although the kitchen area is stone on the floor and most of the walls in order to prevent any potential burns, even though the wood has been treated against most mundane harms.   While there are some old artifacts on the wall, such as an old halberd, cape, and longbow that Alfield used in his time as an adventurer, most of it is laid bare as he prepares for the glory of the future.


While the wood has been treated with a specially made lacquer that protects it from the elements, even elements that people don't expect, it isn't a mages mansion or some elite stronghold. It's just a large house with a partial stone fence.   Instead, it has Alfield.    He may be retired and long out of traditional practice, but he has many stories under his belt, and just as many victories, and he still keeps his longbow about him. To put it in a metaphorical sense, if he knew the problem was coming and would not listen to reason, they wouldn't even make it up the road.


While the Scattered Petals as a guild has received barely any membership over the years, it is still a part of the town of Wind, and it's well-loved if not a bit mocked by the locals. Additionally, while Alfield has long since been out of any sort of public eye, he was still a famed adventurer in the past, even if the tumultuous Border Wars often overshadowed his party's accomplishments. Every once in a while, a curious historian will come by to speak with him about the past, although many note that they tend not to stay long.
Founding Date
985 EE
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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