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The Rowland Islands lie in the Blue Bay right across from the Channel of Iapetus. The islands are wealthy; probably the wealthiest kingdom on the continent. All their wealth comes from the trade between themselves and the people of Gondwana. They have been coveted by the kingdoms of Lerwick and Skara Brae and have fought off several incursions by both kingdoms. Rowland is different from other kingdoms, in that they elect their ruler. The country is governed by a council of 20, who serve life long terms. They elect a ruler from themselves and they serve for life. When said ruler is elected, his spot is quickly filled.


  • Grand Prince: Elected sovereign of Rowland
  • Ruling Council Member: Rowland's general law makers that work alongside the Grand Prince
  • Magistrate: Rowland's judicial body
  • Governor: Oversees certain regions in Rowland

Public Agenda

The Principality of Rowland is very much a nation of self-preservation. This isn't without just cause, as they have fended off invasions from Lerwick, Calanais, and Skara Brae; who have all been after Rowland's wealth. Rowland is also the richest kingdom on the continent and openly trades with many a nation on both Laurentia and Gondwana. This has put them in a position to where their nation is highly regarded and respected.

Demography and Population

Demographically, a majority of the Rowland population tends to inhabit the coast. This is due to a majority of Rowland's major cities being port cities and major trading hubs with a plethora of economic opportunity. There are larger cities in the inner part of the main island. These are large market towns that merchants like to trade at on their way to other port cities. Farmers like to come to these cities as well to try and sell any goods and surplus that they might have.   On Rowland's other islands, the Smiling Island is the second most populated. It has four main port cities on each corner of the island with small farming communities in between. Valta and Grudwek are also major trading hubs. Strols is the least most populated island. The island is mainly made up of swamps and many a person left the isle long ago in search of better opportunity. In so doing, the swamps have reclaimed most of the former settlements there with Strakoha being the only "city" left on the island.


The Principality of Rowland controls all of the Rowland Islands that make up the Rowland Archipelago. These islands include the main island of Rowland, the isle of Grudwek, Valta, Strols, and the Smiling Island. They also control all the water that makes up the Blue Bay.  
Rowland Map
Rowland Map by Nos4a2


  • Infantry: 10,000
  • Cavalry: 7,000
  • Archers: 5,000
  • Artillery: 900
  • Warships: 800
  • Naval Troops/Marines: 6,000
  Due to Rowland being the smallest nation on the Laurentian continent, their military forces aren't as numerous as the other kingdoms. Almost all of Rowland's military engagements have been wars of self-defense. They've been able to fend off multiple invasions through developing a superior navy, engaging in guerrilla warfare, and executing superior tactical and strategic capability.


The people of Rowland adhere to the Laurentian Pantheon. All gods are observed and worshiped, but there are several deities that Rowlanders worship above all others and consider them to be Rowland's patron gods. These gods are; The Daghdha, Brigantia, Lugh, Manannan mac Lir, Nuada, and Oghma. The Daghda is the head of the Laurentian pantheon and he is widely worshiped throughout the continent. Being the god of weather and crops, he is heavily worshiped by farmers. Farmers favor Brigantia too since Rowlanders recognize her more as a goddess of livestock (she's the goddess of rivers as well, but there aren't any rivers in Rowland). Merchants and middle class citizens favor Lugh, for he is the god of arts, travel, and commerce. The upper class and nobles tend to favor and worship Oghma, seeing as he's the god of speech and writing. Because Rowland is an island, all Rowlanders recognize and favor Manannan mac Lir, the god of oceans.

Foreign Relations

  • Berwick: Indifferent
  • Caledonia: Friendly
  • Calanais: Unfriendly
  • Dalraddia: Friendly
  • Hebrides: Friendly
  • Lerwick: Unfriendly
  • Pictland: Indifferent
  • Rheged: Friendly
  • Skara Brae: Unfriendly
  • Skofnung: Friendly
  • Blue Mountain Dwarves: Friendly
  • Caledonian Dwarves: Friendly
  • Iron Dwarves: Indifferent
  • Blue Elves: Unfriendly
  • Eastern Elves: Friendly
  • Greenwood Elves: Friendly
  • White Elves: Indifferent
  • Wood Elves: Indifferent

Agriculture & Industry

Rowland is more of an agricultural power than industrial. There's a limited amount of certain metal deposits and mines, which is why Rowland imports most of its metal -- such as iron. Agriculturally, the inner part of the Rowland islands are home to many a farm and farmstead. This makes Rowland rich in the production of grain and livestock. Due to being an island nation, Rowland also has an abundant amount of fisheries through its port cities and fishing villages.

Trade & Transport

Goods and products that are taken outside the port/trading cities are transported and moved across a system of roads that Rowlanders have made and established throughout their islands. Other than this, most trade and transport is through maritime means.


Most lower class citizens and those who live out on the farmsteads tend to not be very well educated. If they can read they're most likely self taught or learned from someone in their village/town who could. Most people in the middle class learn a sort of trade. They typically learn whatever trade their family is in, but if they're in one of the major cities there's more wiggle room to maybe try and become something else if they'd wish. For those of noble status they receive lessons in history, political science, mathematics, writing, reading, learn other languages, and those interested in magic are sent off to the few magic schools in Laurentia. Most noble males also receive martial training.


  • Sewage
  • Road Networks
  • Walls/City Fortifications
  • Town Courts/Halls
  • Farmsteads
  • Ports

Divine Origins

Rowlanders being of the Wendlas ethnicity, worship the pantheon of Laurentian gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses include The Daghda, Arawn, Belenus, Brigantia, Diancecht, Dunatis, Goibhniu, Lugh, Manannan mac Lir, Math Mathonwy, Morrigan, Nuada, Oghma, and Silvanus. Other Laurentian ethnicities such as the Hetware and Gifthas worship these deities as well, but some have higher precedence than others. This varies from culture to culture, even among the kingdoms of the Wendlas ethnicity. This pantheon was established when the five great tribes of men made their way out of Gondwana and crossed the Land Bridge of Lagash into Laurentia. The deities that are highly regarded and worshiped throughout Rowland are The Daghda, Brigantia, Lugh, Manannan Mac Lir, Nuada, and Oghma.   These gods took precedence through the experiences and surroundings that shaped Rowland into what it is. Being an island and having no rivers, Brigantia is highlighted as a deity of livestock rather than rivers. Manannan mac Lir is worshiped for obvious reasons, and Nuada took precedence through Rowland fighting off several invasions throughout its history. Other deities such as Dunatis aren't heavily worshiped because of geographic location (Dunatis is the god of mountains and peaks and there are none of those throughout Rowland).

Cosmological Views

Most kingdoms in Laurentia (Caledonia, Hebrides, Berwick, Calanais, Rowland, Dalraddia, and Skara Brae) believe that the world was created by the primordial god, the Daghda by breathing into a tune and melody. From his melody, sprung the trees, mountains, and rivers. Brigantia sprung from the rivers, and became the first goddess. Silvanus (Cernunnos to others) was right behind her and became the first god made by the Daghda. The pair became lonely and created all the races of the world from the bark of trees by throwing them into the water. This is all that is known of the Laurentian belief system in creation.

Wealth, Nobility, Defense

Rowland Soldier
N/A by N/A
Founding Date
153 A.C.
Geopolitical, Principality
Rowland City
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Grand Prince Odes
Head of State
Grand Prince Odes
Head of Government
Grand Prince Odes
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Rowland Mark
Major Exports
  • Grain
  • Livestock
  • Fish
  • Cloth
  • Light Wool
  • Linen
  • Wine
  • Metal Wares
  • Oil
Major Imports
  • Spices
  • Iron
  • Pearls
  • Paper
  • Perfumes
  • Precious Metals
Legislative Body
Ruling Council
Judicial Body
Order of Magistrates
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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Cover image: Main Town by IIDanmrak


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