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Hill Dwarf

The hill dwarves are a specific group of dwarves that like to make their homes in the hills and highlands. The hill dwarves aren't as numerous as their mountain kin and even though they focus on metallurgy, crafting, and mining, their specialty lies in magical enchantments. Physically, the hill dwarves are shorter than the dwarves of the mountains, with darker complexions and hair colors. They're a lot more reclusive and are a crafty and clever folk.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Agripina, Bogdana, Bozhena, Danica, Darya, Dunja, Efrosinia, Ekaterina, Faina, Galina, Irina, Iskra, Jasna, Kresimira, Lyudmila, Magda, Milista, Mokosh, Morana, Rada, Raisa, Svetlana, Tomislava, Vesna, Yelena, Zaira, Zarya, Zoira

Masculine names

Berislav, Blazh, Bogumir, Bozhidar, Bratomil, Chedomir, Chestibor, Chestirad, Chestislav, Desilav, Dobromil, Dragomir, Dragutin, Gostislav, Kyrilu, Lyubomir, Mechislav, Milosh, Radomir, Radovan, Rurik, Vasili, Vladimir, Yargonev, Zbignev

Family names

Balderk, Bofdann, Brazzik, Caebrek, Daerdahk, Dankil, Daraln, Durthane, Fallack, Glanhig, Gorunn, Holderhek, Loderr, Lutgehr, Morigak, Rakankrak, Strakeln, Thrahak, Torevir, Torunn


Major language groups and dialects

Language Family: Dwarvish (Khuzdul) Dialects:

  • Northern Hill Dwarvish (Nikaer-Kuzhul)
  • Highland Dwarvish (Azkuzhul)
  When the dwarves first arrived in Edda they all spoke one common language; which was Proto-Dwarvish (Khuzdul). When the dwarves of Nal-Kahldur were driven from their homeland, they settled in the hills of the north and in the highlands of the south. This group then became the hill dwarves, and from there their dialect started to become its own distinct language (Hill Dwarvish; Kuzhul). Each mountain dwarf kingdom has its dialect, but they can all understand each other with relative ease. The same cannot be said about hill dwarvish. If a mountain dwarf and a hill dwarf were to try and communicate in their own respective tongues they wouldn't be able to comprehend what the other is trying to say. Both their languages come from the same language tree but their dialects have become so distinct that they're practically their own seperate languages.

Culture and cultural heritage

Dwarves highly value the ties between family members and friends. This has helped them form tightly knit clans, in which the elders are expected to provide either leadership, wisdom, or advice. Elders are highly respected along with clan founders and ancestral heroes. This has given the dwarves a bit of a cult of ancestor worship. This reverence for elders seems to carry over into dwarven relations with other races, as dwarves seem to also greatly respect elders of non-dwarven ilk.   Like their mountain dwarf kin, the hill dwarves take great pride in their work. As dwarves they are skilled craftsman, metalworkers, and blacksmiths, but the hill dwarves dabble in a bit of magic where their cousins in the mountains do not. Hill dwarves can make splendid weapons and suits of armor, but their quality comes no where near that of a mountain dwarf. Because the hill dwarves dabble in magic, they use the art of enchantment to imbue certain weapons with magical properties. Where mountain dwarves are sought out for their arms and armor, the hill dwarves are sought out instead for their enchanting skills. To have status in hill dwarven society is to be a great enchanter, and one of the most gifted clan among them is the Dankils.   Where mountain dwarves admire strength in the traditional sense, but also the strength of character and will, the hill dwarves admire a clever mind. Surviving in the hills is nasty business, which has required the hill dwarves to constantly adapt and think on their feet. Hill dwarves are known to be a clever and crafty folk which is why the leaders of their clans and communities tend to be the cleverest among them.

Common Taboos

Turning against one's own family or clan is the worst crime a dwarf can commit. Family and clan are everything. The punishment for turning against one's own family or clan is sometimes death, but exile is the fate that these dwarves meet more often than not. For a dwarf without a clan is a fate worse than death.

Common Myths and Legends

The dwarves believe that they were created by their god Moradin. The dwarves believe that Moradin took the goddess Freya as his wife (even though the Skofnung and Rheged are stark opponents of this belief), and they created the first dwarves from the rocks and mountains: Dain and Vistra. They had three sons, Brottor, Bruenor, and Bairn. Moradin and Freya eventually revealed themselves to the three dwarven sons, and gave them the one time ability to create a mate from the stone and mountains. The three dwarf sons had obtained their wives, and from them the three great dwarf clans sprung, which are still in power to this day.

Major organizations

  • Highlands
  • Northern Hills

Hill Dwarf
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