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A firbolg would love nothing more than to spend a peaceful day among the trees and not have to worry about a thing. They're caretakers of the forests and woodland realms often coexisting alongside elves in their own secluded villages. Firbolgs are naturally in tune with nature, even more so than the elves, and as a result they have a knack for druidic magic. Each firbolg knows a couple basic spells on mainly how to hide their appearance. They tend to carry a policy that consists of being out of sight out of mind. This allows them to continue their coexistence with nature, although when threatened they are fierce defenders. This has led them to take drastic measures; such as being employed as shock troops in the armies of elves whenever humans encroach on their respective territory.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Firbolgs don't reach adulthood or full maturity until around the age of 30. The oldest among them have lived up to 500 years. Most firbolgs tend to be anywhere between 7 and 8 feet tall and weigh around 240 to 300 pounds. Firbolgs are incredibly strong (both males and females) and they can sometimes be quite bulky. Since they are of fey ancestry, they have naturally pointed ears and their skin tends to be a greyish blue with the exception of their noses -- which are red. They also coats of thick body hair on their forearms, chests, and shins.

Genetics and Reproduction

Firbolgs reproduce sexually, but as to all the other knit picky details it isn't really known. This is due to their secretive nature.

Growth Rate & Stages

Firbolgs tend to reach adulthood at the age of 30.

Ecology and Habitats

Firbolgs can always be found in the forests and wooded areas of the world.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Being humanoids it is assumed that firbolgs are an omnivorous species. This means that they can survive off of both plants and animals.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Firbolgs don't really tend to have a caste system per say, but firbolg druids that have made their way back to their villages are held in very high reverence. Often times, firbolg druids are looked to for guidance by their community. They will tend to weigh and take into consideration not only the needs of the village, but the effects of the surrounding natural world and forest as well.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As mentioned previously, firbolgs are heavily in tune with nature and as a result they have quite the knack for druidic magic.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male Names: Adlen, Zumtoris, Ronorin, Fenyarus, Themaer, Pakas, Wranlen, Carsalor, Sargolor, Omalen, Omaric, Regus, Wendel, Farvalur, Leokas, Luhorn, Fenlar, Fenfir, Sylfaren, Gendan, Crafaren, Thevalur, Kearic, Elacan, Thenelis, Oloven, Lunan, Elneiros, Olofir, Herhorn, Carceran, Lumyar   Female Names: Bryna, Nerina, Zylvaris, Brykalyn, Venfina, Yessatra, Adysys, Olaroris, Reyvyre, Gilwenys, Inastina, Venrona, Daecaryn, Adphyra, Ararie, Holahana, Miawynn, Eilkrana, Orifina, Fathyra, Liastina, Helebella, Adhana, Yesleth, Liafiel, Orihana, Olamys, Admoira, Eilynore, Adwynn, Enrieth

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Firbolgs live in isolated communities within the forests of the world. They live off the land and do their best to remain in balance with nature. Their entire culture is based around this concept in being harmonious with nature. This has made them quite resourceful in that they store away excess food and when winter comes they scatter all that they can to ensure that the animals in the area can survive until spring. Since firbolgs are so in tune with nature, quite a few of them have gone off to become druids. When these firbolg druids return to their communities they're highly respected. They're by no means the leader of the community, but their advice and wisdom is sought after in relation as to what their actions mean for the community as a whole and the forest at large.

Common Taboos

Greed. Firbolgs believe that all is healthy and right in the world when everyone has just the right amount of what they need. So, when it comes to gold and precious gems, firbolgs see it as useless because for them they obtain everything from the earth.


It isn't known when the firbolgs first came to Edda. What is for certain is that they first appeared in the forested areas of the world and have predominantly stayed there. They're typically a quite peaceful race, but when the human kingdoms began their encroachment upon the woodland realms, the firbolgs rallied to the defense of their homelands. They employed themselves as shock troops in the armies of the elves and made quite a devastating impact against the human armies. Naturally, this has created certain tensions between them and humans. Other than this, the firbolgs have existed harmoniously alongside the elves. Even though the elves lord over the forests, they let the firbolgs rule themselves and both races have a mutual understanding of one another.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

  • Humans: Unfriendly
  • Elves: Friendly
  • Half-Elves: Friendly
  • Dwarves: Indifferent
  • Gnomes: Friendly
  • Aasimar: Indifferent
  • Goliaths: Indifferent
  • Tieflings: Indifferent
  • Half-Orcs: Indifferent
  • Orcs: Unfriendly
  • Goblinoids: Hostile
  • Giants: Unfriendly

N/A by N/A
500 years
Average Height
Average Weight
240-300 lbs.
Average Physique
Broad shouldered & muscular
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Greyish blue with red noses

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