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Chapter 1: The Noble's Daughter


The first adventure and session in the Legends of Laurentia D&D 5e Campaign. The setting is the Principality of Rowland and begins in a tavern simply known as the Ugly Duckling. A human paladin and half-elf barbarian try to mind their own business, but are drawn into a bar fight that erupts throughout the whole tavern. They're singled out for their battle prowess and taken to the dungeons below the Grand Prince's palace. They're soon brought up to a lord who asks for their help in finding his daughter. In return he promises to handsomely reward them...



Rowland City is the capital of the Principality of Rowland. It is a vibrant city bustling with all sorts of people. Merchants from all over the world line the streets trying to sell their wares and make a fortune. Down in the lower section of the city lies a local tavern that is a favorite of the populace. It is simply called; The Ugly Duckling. At the bar of the tavern a human paladin sits having a drink in solidarity. His helmet of Rheged design sits on the table, his shield strapped to his back, and sword sheathed at his side. Across the room, a half-elf barbarian sits in the corner, feet up on the table. Her green eyes scanning the room. The door to the tavern swings open as three drunken commoners noisily make their way to the bar. They're quite a nuisance and the human paladin's right thumb begins to twitch in annoyance. As the commoners walk past the paladin, one of them bumps into him, spilling his drink on the peasants as they pass by. "Oi!" one of them cries out. "You owe my friend a new pair of clothes. Seeing as your dumb-ass spilled your drink all over 'im!" The paladin rose to meet them.   "On the contrary. I believe that you owe me a drink. Seeing as you bumped into me, which caused it to spill all over your friend." The paladin said in return. The peasant cocked his head at the armored warrior.   "This one thinks he's smart. I think we best teach 'im a lesson boys!" The peasant flung his fist in the direction of the paladin's face, but the warrior was faster. Deflecting the blow with his left hand, the paladin closed the distance and head butted his attacker int the nose. The commoner cried out and crumpled to the floor. His friends quickly pounced on the paladin as he shrugged them off, throwing them into another table of people. Upon this happening, chaos erupted throughout the tavern. It was every man for themselves. The half-elf barbarian tried to stay out of it, sneakily trying to slip out the door, but she was inevitably brought into it as well as someone bumped into her and tried to wrestle her to the ground. Unfortunately for them, the half-elf flipped them over and twisted their arm into an unnatural position.   The doors burst open again as a group of Rowland guards swooped in. Some had swords drawn and used their pommels to beat people to the ground trying to subdue and end the conflict. The paladin and barbarian seemed to stand out in the crowd as their fighting prowess surpassed all others in the room. Being quickly identified, the guards moved on them, quickly gaining the upper hand as they swarmed their quarry. Escorting the pair out of the tavern, they took them towards the Grand Prince's Palace.   Sitting in their stone prison below the palace of the grand prince, the paladin rhythmically continued to bump the back of his head against the wall. The half-elf leaned against the cell bars hopelessly waiting for release. The rhythmic bumping stopped. She turned and found the human paladin looking at her. As she caught him he seemed a little embarrassed and turned his head; his golden eyes looking at the straw covered floor. "What's your name?" She asked. His head shot up and he looked at her.   "Kuonrad." He said cautiously. "You?"   "My name is Shaylen." She said in reply. Kuonrad nodded his head. "Where are you from?"   "Rheged." He answered.   "Thought as much," she said in return. "I guessed that from the design of your helmet and shield." Kuonrad nodded his head. He looked at her a bit more closely, noticing her dirty-blonde hair and more tannish skin tone.   "Wood elf?" He asked her. She gave him a half smile.   "Close. Half-elf." She replied. "My father was a wood elf and my mother is of the Skofnung. I belong to the Kattegat Tribe." Kuonrad nodded his head again as she turned to look out from the bars of the cell.   "I was about to say. You don't look like a typical wood elf...I've seen some of your Kattegat caravans before." As Kuonrad said that, Shaylen seemed to get a semi happy look on her face. Almost as if she was remembering better times. They both sat for a couple more minutes in silence before Shaylen slowly moved away from the cell door. Kuonrad turned his head and saw a group of guards approaching their cell. One of them approached and opened the cell door with the key.   "It's you two's lucky day. Lord Lieutbrand wishes to see you." The guard said the name as if the duo were supposed to know who that was. They both looked at each other and shrugged as they were both escorted out of the cell and up to the surface.


As the paladin and barbarian were escorted throughout the Grand Prince's Palace, they were taken up several flights of stairs before eventually being brought into what seemed like a sort of living quarters. "Here are the two that you requested my lord," one of the guards said. A man turned to face them. He was sitting in a chair near one of the fine tables. He was maybe in his late fifties, early sixties. He was balding, his hair was gray and he sported a goatee. He rose to meet the duo and raised his hand to let the guards know that it was okay to let them go.   "Ah, so these are the individuals who did a number on those thugs in the tavern...good, good." Shaylen turned and looked at Kuonrad. The paladin shrugged his shoulders. "My name is Lord Lieutbrand. I'm a member of Rowland's Ruling Council. I have a task for you if you're willing. I have use for your specific sets of skills."   Kuonrad leaned his head forward. "Go on."   "Some bandits stole a precious item of mine and I wish to have it retrieved. I'll give you 1,000 gold to split between yourselves and --" he was cut off.   "What is it that we're specifically looking for?" Shaylen asked.   "That is quite sensitive information," the lord said in return.   " are we supposed to know what to look for if we don't even know what it is?" Shaylen asked again. Lieutbrand looked down at his feet and struggled to get the next few words out of his mouth.   "Its...its my daughter," he told them. "One day she was here and then all of the sudden she was gone. There seemed to be an apparent struggle in her room. My guess is that bandits somehow snuck into the palace and stole her away hoping for an eventual ransom." He got quiet and looked out one of the nearby windows. "The other lords must not know about're free to take anything from my personal storage space. I shall provide you with horses for your journey, and my spies report that the bandits have taken my daughter south to the marshes of Strols. Their hideout may be there. Maybe they're trying to reach we have an accord?"   Kuonrad and Shaylen looked at each other and shrugged. They seemed to have an understanding look in each other's eyes that read; if this gets us out of prison then sure. The pair nodded and once supplies were gathered they were sent on their way. As the two walked through the city streets making their way to the outskirts of the city, five thugs stepped out of the shadows of the alleyways. One of them had some sort of tape or bandage along his nose with two black eyes. It was one of the drunken peasants from the tavern. The one that started the whole altercation. "Where do you think you two are going?" He asked menacingly.   "Yeah!" His buddy chimed in. "We got some unfinished business with you lot!"   "Shut up!" The first thug yelled. He turned to his accomplice and smacked him across the head. "I do the talking!" He turned back, looking at Shaylen and Kuonrad. "We got some unfinished business with you lot. Time to pay up."   Shaylen sighed and Kuonrad rolled his eyes as he charged the first thug. He partially drew his sword so that the pommel struck the ring leader in between the eyes, knocking him out instantly. He collapsed to the ground as Shaylen took the second thug, twisting his arm behind his back and throwing him with great force into his two friends. She grabbed the arm of one of the thugs on the ground, lifting it up, giving it a good twist as it cracked and the thug screamed. Kuonrad took a step towards the last remaining peasant thug and the thug tripped over his own two feet, relieving himself as he crawled away into the alley. Looking satisfied with their work, the soon adventuring duo made their way to the stables outside the city where Lord Lieutbrand said that their horses wold be. They carried on without looking back as they heard the groans of their subdued victims.

Rising Action

Traveling the rest of the day, Shaylen & Kuonrad stop at the small town of Narpp and enter the tavern. As the pair sits down at their table, the inn keep walks over and delivers drinks. Good service. "How're the two of you this evenin'?" She asks. "Can I interest either of you with a hot meal? Or a room?"   "Two rooms and two meals would be lovely." Shaylen says in return. The in keep nods her head and says that she'll be right back with their food. Leaning in Kuonrad asks his partner;   "Do you think we should ask about the missing daughter? Just in case she somehow passed through here."   "I don't think so," Shaylen replied. "The lord said it was sensitive information. We can always ask about the best way to get to Strols."   "You're right. I'll ask the in keep when she returns." Kuonrad said in return. As they finished up their conversation, one of the tavern girls begins to eye Shaylen as she's washing one of the tables; the half-elf returns her gaze and shoots her a smile. Returning with their food, the in keep asks if she can get them anything else. "Actually," begins Kuonrad, "there is something. Would you mind telling us the best way to get to Strols?"   "Oh most certainly dearies!" Exclaims the in keeper. "A day's ride down south is the port city of Blanik. Ask for the boatman named Orr. He's the only one that offers to take people both day and night." Thanking the in keeper, the adventurers get back to eating their food. Throughout the course of the meal, Shaylen and the tavern girl continuously eyed each other. Eventually winking at Shaylen, Shaylen rose from her seat. "I'm going to go take care of something...I'll see you in the morning." Grinning, the half-elf began her walk towards the tavern girl. Kuonrad knew exactly what was going on.   "Have fun!" Kuonrad called. The paladin continued his drink as the barbarian began her chat with the tavern girl. The two women chatted, giggled, and whispered until finally, Shaylen took her hand and they began walking upstairs. In the morning, Kuonrad made his way back down and found Shaylen sitting at their table from last night eating breakfast. She had already had a plate brought out for him too. "Thanks," he said. "Fun night?" Displaying the cheekiest of grins, Shaylen just nodded her head and continued to eat her food. Kuonrad smiled back and began eating from his plate. Once they were done, the duo returned to their horses and continued their journey onto the city of Blanik.   The sun sets in the distance as Kuonrad & Shaylen arrive in Blanik. Not wishing to waste anytime, the pair finds a stable where they can safely leave their horses and then make their way to the docks to find the boatman Orr. Seeing how night time was almost upon them, every boat and ship seemed to be empty and abandoned, but one. Down at the edge of the docks, a man continued to work on his boat. He had reddish-brown hair that went to his shoulders, and a red mutton chop beard. "Are you Orr?" Kuonrad called out.   "Aye!" the man said back as he looked up from his boat. "And who might you be?" Introducing themselves, Shaylen and Kuonrad explained how they need a trip to the island of Strols and back, and that they've come to understand that he is the only boatman in Blanik who travels by night.   "Why do you do night trips?" Shaylen inquired.   "Its good business missy. My price is 20 gold per person round trip."   "Oh come on!" exclaimed Shaylen. "You can't lower it?"   "I'm the only one around here that can take you there and back at this time of day. There may very well be someone else who can out in Ballinbay, but that's a quarter of a day's ride and even farther out from Strols. You'd just be wastin' you're time. If you want to wait till the mornin' you'll find out that everyone else charges twice as much as me. Now, do wish to hire my services or not?"   "Shaylen, lets just do it." Kuonrad said. The adventurers pay the boatman their twenty gold round trip and their journey to Strols begins. Arriving at Strols in the middle of the night, Shaylen and Kuonrad find themselves at the port city of Strakoha, the only city on the island -- which is more like a po-dunk town. Torches light the muddy streets, buildings are in dis-repair and collapsing, and suspicious characters slowly walk about. Orr informs them that he'll be waiting until their return. Journeying to the outskirts of town, the party finds a temple to the Laurentian sea god Manannan mac Lir. Wandering inside they find a priest conducting his prayers. He pauses and pleasantly greets the adventurers.   "We don't mean to disturb your prayers," begins Shaylen, "but we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions."   "Of course child," the man said.   "Have you seen any suspicious individuals wander through these parts?" As soon as Shaylen asked her question, the priests eyes got wide and they started darting this way and that. He got close to the two of them and whispered;   "Asking questions like that around here can get you into trouble..." Shaylen looked like she was going to press him for more information, but Kuonrad placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head no. "A couple days ago though," continued the priest, "I did see some bandits venture into the swamp. Perhaps they're the ones you seek?" Going on that lead, the two of them thank the priest and begin their quest into the swamp.


Shaylen and Kuonrad make their way into the swamp. Shaylen discovers tracks in the mud, calls over Kuonrad to show him and they forge ahead. They find a small bandit trap which they avoid, and when they enter the clearing they see a rundown shack with bodies strewn everywhere. One of the corpses is missing a jaw, the other's chest is ripped open, another is missing its head, and another is missing its limbs with their guts placed here and there. As the two get closer, three bandits frantically charge out of nowhere, scared out of their minds, and screaming like men possessed. Kuonrad manages to run the first one through as Shaylen slices the other with an uppercut from her glaive. One of the bandits somehow took Kuonrad by surprise and struck Kuonrad to the ground. Saving her companion, Shaylen swings her glaive cutting off the bandit's head. As the head tumbles to the ground, the half-elf helps up her companion. "You alright?"   "Yeah...yeah I'm fine. Just got caught off guard."   "I though knights of Rheged were supposed to be the best on the continent," she teases. Kuonrad lets out a small chuckle.   "I'm a bit rusty." He says in return. Continuing to search the premises. An unearthly howl resonates throughout the swamp. Emerging from the cold wet earth, a ghoul makes its way from the bog and advances upon the adventurers, holding a torn off limb in its hand. Perhaps this is the creature that had the bandits spooked? Being quick and nimble, the ghoul presses its attack.   Leaping towards Kuonrad, the paladin raises his shield, knocking the ghoul aside. Shaylen swings at it, but the ghoul side steps and slashes at Kuonrad's side, breaking the mail and making a deep gash. Going to the ground, the ghoul turns its attention towards Shaylen. The half-elf barbarian drop kicks the ghoul in the chest and follows through by impaling it. Clutching at its chest until the last breath of life leaves it, the ghoul drops motionless. Shaylen rushes over to her companion. "Do I have to save your ass all day today?"   "I surely hope not," the paladin says in return. As Shaylen tried to inspect the wound, Kuonrad winced.   "Sorry! Sorry..." she said.   "Believe it or not I've had worse," he said in return. Trying to address the wound before continuing their search for Lord Lieutbrand's daughter, they hear footsteps running up behind them. Shaylen helps Kuonrad up as they both prep for another fight. They turn and find a young woman standing before them, hood up, and wearing a tattered, dirty dress.

Falling Action

The young woman appears to be in her early twenties and as she lowers her hood they notice a dagger at her side. Probably snagged it off one of the bandits as the ghoul attacked. "Please...I mean you no harm." she tells them. Kuonrad and Shaylen look at each other, wondering if this is in fact who they're looking for.   "What's your name?" Shaylen asks.   "My name is Agnes Dawnon. Daughter of Lord Lieutbrand Dawnon of Rowland's Ruling Council."   "Thank the gods!" Kuonrad exclaims. "Just the person we're looking for."   "Looking for me? Did my father send you?" The two adventurers nodded their heads.   "How did you get out here?" asks Shaylen. "How did you survive the ghoul?"   "I'll explain everything once we get out of here. We need to leave here now please!" Agnes' voice was urgent and sounded somewhat distressed. Wishing not to waist anymore time and address Kuonrad's wound, the trio makes their way back to Strakoha to find Orr and his boat.


"Who's this?!" Exclaims Orr as he sees Kuonrad, Shaylen, and Agnes emerge from the swamps outside the city.   "Her name is Agnes," says Shaylen, "and she's coming with us."   "That'll be an extra ten gold for her to come aboard."   "You can't be serious!" Shaylen shouts. "We don't have time for this!" Orr looks at her quizzically and then notices Kuonrad putting pressure on his side as blood seeps through his fingers.   "Just get in the bloody boat." Kuonrad tells her. He looks at Orr. "We'll figure this out when we get back to shore."   "Right, right!" the boatman says all hurriedly. "We need to get you back swift so that can get treated right proper. No place around here is good for that." Piling into the boat, the party takes off back towards Blanik as the sun begins to cusp the horizon, its light just peaking out ever so slightly.   Taking his hand away just for a moment to look at his wound, Kuonrad grunts in annoyance. "Here," Shaylen says. She walks over to him and tears a piece of cloth off from her outfit. She pours some of her drinking water on it and begins to clean the wound. Kuonrad lets out some stifled groans as she does. She can tell he's tired. His eyes were heavy and he was trying to keep himself awake. Shaylen began to lower him so he could lie down in the boat, but as she did Kuonrad was a bit reluctant and looked at her like she was crazy. "Relax," she told him. "You need to rest. I'll take care of this wound as much as I can and I'll keep watch." Kuonrad's expression softened a bit and lets himself lie down. He nods his head.   "Thanks," he tells her. Shaylen smiles at him as Orr keeps a steady watch on the horizon and Agnes sits at the front of the boat, peering out at the vast blue in front of them.



To find Lord Lieutbrand's daughter who has been supposedly kidnapped by a group of bandits.



Kuonrad: A human paladin from the Kingdom of Rheged. He gets entangled in a bar fight and is then thrown in jail. He and a half-elf barbarian are offered to help find Lord Lieutbrand's daughter in exchange for their freedom.   Shaylen: A half-elf barbarian from the wandering Kattegat Tribe. She gets entangled in a bar fight and is then thrown in Jail. She and a human paladin are offered to help find Lord Lieutbrand's daughter in exchange for their freedom.


Lord Lieutbrand: One of the members of Rowland's Ruling Council, Lieutbrand offers the human paladin Kuonrad, and the half-elf barbarian known as Shaylen a job to find his missing daughter. In return he offers their freedom, and a reward, and provides assistance in whatever way he can in terms of supplies.   Agnes: The daughter of Lord Lieutbrand who has gone missing. She is discovered on the island of Strols by Kuonrad and Shaylen.


Tavern Girl: A pretty tavern girl that has eyes for Shaylen. The two of them spend a memorable night together.   Orr: A boatman from the city of Blanik. He's the only boatman in the city who offers to take people to other islands both day and night.


Drunken Townsfolk: These peasants are the ones who start the bar fight that get Kuonrad and Shaylen thrown in jail. They confront them later, but are quickly disposed of.   Bandits: A group of bandits who has made their base on the swampy island of Strols. They're the ones who have supposedly kidnapped Lord Lieutbrand's daughter Agnes.   Ghoul: A ghastly creature that has made its home in the swamps of Strols. It attacks the bandits who have made their camp nearby.



  • Rowland
  • Rowland City
  • Narpp
  • Blanik
  • Island of Strols
  • Strakoha


  • Drunken Townsfolk
  • Bandits
  • Ghouls

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