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Empire of Al'Quadash

The Empire of Al'Quadash is considered by most to be the largest state in the known world. Founded in the turmoil that was the Goblin Wars, the eponymous Al'Quadash brought numerous local leaders together and claimed rule over the ruins left behind from the goblinoid armies. The state was never given an official name, nor did it agree upon one, with "Empire of Al'Quadash" being the most frequently referrenced title, though simply "Al'Quadash" or "Quadash" remains nearly as frequent.


Al'Quadash exists as a collection of autonomous satrapies, each led by an appointed High Satrap. It exists nominally as one cohesive entity, though functionally each satrap tends to have certain aspects differing from the others. Its structure has varied through different stages of its existence. Taxes and general administration are performed by the High Satrap, while the Emperor has free reign to intervene in areas they wish to do so.   During the appointment of Shag'ard as emperor from 1446 DC onwards, the empire was relatively decentralised, with his reign marked by a disregard for the minute governance of the satrapies and a preferance to allow the High Satrap to govern as seen fit.


The culture of Al'Quadash is heavily dependant on the part of the state in question. With the shape of satraps being based on both a cultural and geographical basis, it can be said that there lacks a distinctly accepted view of the typical views and customs of the citizens in Al'Quadash. Within the citizens of the empire, it remains incredibly multicultural.


The Empire of Al'Quadash started as a collection of warlords calling themselves the Sand Demons, in the ruins of the Goblin Wars during the 9th century. With much of what is now the Empire having been sacked and turned into ruins, numerous military leaders covetous of the power their former kings had, began to form their own warbands, eventually being united under the rule of Mushad Al'Quadash or more frequently, simply Al'Quadash.

Demography and Population

The primary population of Al'Quadash are humans of Calind, Calish, Rashem and Rashmi descent. Both Rashem and Rashmi populations are much smaller minorities however. Regarding non-humans; halfling, dragonborns, orcs, half-orcs and various types of goblinoids are next most common. Aside from some small pockets of elves and dwarfhold, both elf and dwarf are a rare sight through the areas held by the Empire.   Humans remains an overwhelming majority towards the coastlines, with some inland settlements even having a majority non-human populace.


Al'Quadash exists in its entirety in North Kasetia. Its northernmost point extends along the Rokall Strait, south towards the Seper Range, west to THE FOREST and east along the Aljidar Range.


As is common across the Empire, military forces vary depending on the area in question. Amongst the highest position of Emperor and the military they oversee, the military consists of a wide range of soldiers from different backgrounds. Lower class citizens are nearly all expected to be able to participate in combat with at least simple forms of weaponry, such as a spear or mace, along with having a shield and some form of armor. Together, they make up the bulk of the empires infantry.


The Church of Bane is the only god officially accepted by the legislature of Al'Quadash. In turn, the church holds an immense level of power in the way people live their lives, such to the extent that some consider the church being the ones truely in charge.   Worship of most other gods is outlawed, with exceptions being Loviatar and Myrkul. The Church of Bane in Al'Quadash made an offical stance on the two gods, accepting their worship in 1006 DC. While no statement was ever made on Bhaal, his worship never made strictly illegal.

Foreign Relations

Due to Al'Quadash's position in Kasetia, the empire has largely avoided many of the conflicts that occurring between the continents other powers, with said conflicts often largely occurred on a grand scale. Though this does not deter individual High Satraps from partaking in the affairs of the continent when they arrive, with some High Satraps even acting as petty powerbrokers.    Al'Quadash maintains expansionsist goals for the continents northwest, particularly over the independent cities protected by the Chankrat Union, with this emnity having only grown ever since the empires founding. Despite this, the sitting Eternal Emperor Shag'ard had claimed the independent regions of Northwest Kasetia as a part of the empires borders.


Inheritance Laws of inheritance in Quadash work off selected inheritance. The current Emperor or High Satrap for a region has full control over who to appoint as their heir. While this is typically done to appoint ones child or relative to the position, lowborn citizenry have been made heirs on a number of occassions. While lowborn heirs are permitted, they tend to be less accepted and their appointments have sparked internal disputes and revolts. Similar revolts have started when heirs were not accepted by the populace, including those of 990, 1008, 1115, 1328 and 1400 DC.   This law applies to all citizenry, regardless of species or cultural background. However, it remains rare for enforcement of this law to ever extend towards the general citizenry of the Empire unless a case is brought to the local courts.

We Eternal

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Predecessor Organization
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Economic System
Palace economy
Primarily coinage based system particularly amongst the lower classes. Amongst the ruling class of military generals, coins are rarely used except when recieving or providing tithes. Instead precious gems, trade bars, rare items (such as weapons, armor or clothing and unique or exotic goods are frequently used between one another.
Official State Religion
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