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Ecura is my vision of a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition continent for me and some friends to play within. Rich and full of vibrant life as well as hauntingly beautiful terrains and subterrains, captivating cities and memorable inhabitants, Ecura is a setting where the unthinkable cannot happen...unless you think of it first of course. The world is not a strict take on the rules but not a complete disregard for them either. A place where not everything you do will succeed but that shouldn't deter you from trying anyway! You might just surprise yourself!   Since this work is an entire continent, it will probably never be fully finished but it will be updated whenever I need to make part of my friends adventures and campaign canon, which allow my players characters to build the world they play in. If they visit a town I will add it in here , meet a new NPC that is critical to a storyline or lore of the world it will show up here. This allows my players creative freedom without them even knowing it, making the world feel alive and one that has consequences.   This appendix and index of my world will also help the players and myself as DM to keep touch on any rules that ARE in play so each game is the same at its core and the world will feel like it existed before the players came along and started meddling in its timeline. History, culture, livlihoods and tradition will make this world feel more realistic, with the enemies and great foes I introduce making it feel more deadly. However the people they meet along the way and the places they come across, purposefully or otherwise, will be enchanting, providing a great experience for all involved while keeping it balanced and consistent for all.   Welcome to our game. Welcome to our world. Welcome to Ecura.

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