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My 2021 Summer Camp Pledge Document

I, TheDoctor292 pledge to complete at least 10 prompts for summer camp 2021.   -TheDoctor292

What project am I working on?

  I’m working on a series of short stories. Which takes place in a fanfic universe. This world is my own work, though. The stories are about Madelyn’s life on Earth and hearing about the past. This Summer camp will help me flesh that out.

What world will I be focusing on?

  I will focus on my newest world, Eceon. It’s virtually empty. I want to expand on the characters, and places in the world. It has a slight hint of magic and seeing what the prompts are might give me a head start on my first step into magic.

What areas will I plan to focus on?

  I plan to focus on the city where my main character, Madelyn has been. I want to explore her past before she got exiled from her planet.

How much am I aiming to complete?

  At least I want to complete 10 prompts. At most 20. I’m not the best when it comes to staying focused. Summer is the best time to write for me. Out of school so hopefully that’ll leave more time for productivity. My family might have trips planned for the summer. So I’ll see how that goes.

How much time will I write for?

  I want to write for an hour. I really need time to think things through. I mostly write during the night but I want to write during the day as well.

Where will I go when I don’t have the need to write?

  The community, discord and the internet for inspiration.


    This is my first summer camp and I hope to work on things that I haven’t thought of yet. I hope to engage with the community and having tons of fun working on the prompts.  

Organize World building

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Final Homework

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12 Jun, 2021 20:01

Good luck with Summer Camp! The community is here for you if you need us! :D

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
12 Jun, 2021 22:26


13 Jun, 2021 22:13

Best of luck with Summercamp! Already looks like you will have lots of options with the new world! :D

Feel free to check out My Ship entry if you want to see what I am up to!
14 Jun, 2021 04:04

Thank you! I hope you do well too

15 Jun, 2021 03:50

Yay, first Summer Camp! Best of luck!

- Hello from Valayo! And Happy Summer Camp!
21 Jun, 2021 02:36

Best of luck with Summer Camp! This world looks interesting, and I really like the aesthetics of the article too. Have fun! :)

~TimeBender~Check out my Shipwright Challenge Entry: New Beginnings
21 Jun, 2021 02:54

Thank you! I also wish you good luck

Sage Spectral42
Spectral 42
23 Jun, 2021 04:28

Good luck with Summer Camp!

Live long Dream big
23 Jun, 2021 18:51

Thank you! I wish you the best of luck

23 Jun, 2021 06:09

Good luck on your first summer camp!! :D

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives." -Lemony Snicket
23 Jun, 2021 18:52

Thank you! I hope you have a good Summer Camp

Journeyman Gege16
Gege Escriva
5 Jul, 2021 16:43

Good luck in your Summer Camp!! ♡♡

Explore the Kingdom of Moskova with me!   Is time for  Summer Camp!  
6 Jul, 2021 02:55

Thank you. I wish you the best of luck as well