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Summer Camp 2021

A very powerful and dangerous bomb. Don’t ever use it unless you’re training. We don’t want any accidents. - Master Vizzoth
Mages are very careful around this artifact. Its kept under lock and key until they start using it again. If handles improperly it could explode unexpectedly. The last mage that used it unfairly got warned and didn’t do it again.   The most powerful mages tell newer mages the power of this artifact and to never do anything stupid. They start using it when they pass their second level of training. They get a brief instruction on what it does and then slowly they learn to use it.   


  Rule 1: Don’t use it during non-training hours   Rule 2: Do as the instructor says   Rule 3: Keep it at least 5 ft away from you

Mechanics & Inner Workings

by Geralt on pixabay
 A magical bomb is placed inside a spherical container. There’s a release button on the top and when its pressed the bomb gets activated and explodes. It has a mushroom cloud effect but its more silent and not as tall.

Manufacturing process

When it was first made mages had to a very powerful magic enchantment. They put the bomb inside an ancient bomb and surround it with a repairable enchantment.


Its very significant tech. It’s only used by Dark Mage. Its a magical artifact that is capable of leveling anything up to 2 miles away and ruins any electrical lines. It can be reused any number of times. Its been tested in forests and is devastating to animals and other wildlife. Since mages are basically invincible they don’t get hurt.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
10 lbs
Raw materials & Components
The core bomb was constructed using magic itself.
Hard work and patience

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Cover image: by TheDoctor292


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