Clarkwoods Literary Universe


The History of Clarkwoods Literary Universe so far

The population of the Earth-668 iteration of reality used to live here. Some of them are among us again and just don’t know it. Others of us are brand new, inventions of those long gone. And a select few, including The One True Goddess, survive intact—and with a very large chip on their shoulder.

Current Species & Cultures

The species and cultures of Earth-669 are essentially the same as those in The Real World. The one major culture we find on Earth in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe that we don’t find in the real world is the culture of The Sister’s Regulars.


They are bound together by a singular focus on breaking the laws of life and death, of space and time. As such, they are the mortal enemies—pun very much intended—of The River Without End.

Needs & Relations

The Silver Family, the primary human protagonists of the CLU, seek help from The Sister’s Regulars—and from other figures, like the Ferryman—in understanding their place in space and time. The Regulars are singularly obsessed with the Silvers because it was one of their number who was the last to successfully reboot the universe.

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