Nahnlaríx (Moldése for “cursed fish”) are a species of shape-shifting carnivorous marine animals. They are native to the waterways of the kíndallan homeworld of Gadalla. Formerly a fully aquatic species, they can now be comfortably classified as semiaquatic.


There were just too many juicy specimens to mimic and terrorize above water, after all. So now they split their time between land and sea.


Nahnlaríx are notable for originating the viral version of ichthyothropy and for being the only creatures in existence that The Cult of the Lord fears.


Encounters between human beings and nahnlaríx during Interregnums between iterations of reality led directly to Earthling myths and legends about dragons and sea monsters. And frighteningly, in more recent iterations of reality, nahnlaríx have begun to use The River Without End to migrate between worlds. Each time reality reboots, they draw ever closer to the smell of human flesh—which they have come to favor during Interregnums past.

Basic Information


In its natural state, a nahnlaríx is a horned serpentine creature with two forelimbs fashioned into flippers, a dorsal fin for stability, and a fluked tail for propulsion.


Though they can mimic any animal they encounter, they favor taking the shape of beasts they’ve witnessed striking fear into the hearts of lesser creatures. And they are particularly notable for the ways in which they combine attributes of other species to create newer and more terrifying forms.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nahnlaríx who have reached maturity may choose at any time to return to a waterway rich in The Waters of the River Without End to reproduce. The act of reproduction begins with the shedding of skin cells onto the river bed by one individual. This continues until enough individuals have shed enough cells that a new nahnlaríx can be born from the detritus.

Growth Rate & Stages

Nahnlaríx emerge from the river beds where they are born as fully functioning individuals. They mature bit by bit as they hunt and feed, absorbing the mass of their prey until they have reached a size of their liking. After that, the act of feeding is an act of pure pleasure and the shedding of skin cells to produce new nahnlaríx begins.

1,200 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern


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