Drug Dealer

Drug Dealers in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe, as in the real world, are illegal suppliers of drugs—substances taken by individuals for their narcotic or stimulant effects. Among the drug dealers in the CLU, the most notable is Phil Gates, who is described in the forthcoming novel The Chains of Desire as the only person in Chelmsford, Massachusetts that anyone in town truly fears.


Dealers exist across a wide spectrum, from those peddling their wares on street corners or at parties to those who supply those folks. And given that the goods dealers distribute are either A) illegal in and of themselves, or B) illegal to distribute outside of a licensed pharmacy, it takes a great deal of guts and perseverance to find long-term success in the field. Some, such as the aforementioned Phil Gates, are bold enough to find ways to exist alongside the very law enforcement agencies that are tasked with shutting dealers down. In Gates’ case, a deal made with law enforcement long ago to keep the rougher elements of the trade out of Chelmsford and over the border in the city of Lowell cemented his status as the only game in town.


And it’s big business! According to Wikipedia, which is never wrong, “With a world GDP of US$36 trillion in [2003], the illegal drug trade may be estimated as nearly 1% of total global trade.”



Though there are no specific qualifications outside of the ability to find a supplier and customers, it helps to be shrewd in matters of business and to be able to give off a vibe best described as “don’t you dare mess with me.”

Alternative Names
Dope peddler, hookup, mad hatter, middleman, pill lady, potrepreneur, pusher, source
Extraordinarily high; see note beginning with “And it’s big business”


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