Belenus (Bel-aye-noose)

God of Fire, the Sun and the Land, many things in the mortal world fall under the domain of Belenus but most simply, he is the Sun God. For all things to thrive it must have two vital things, light and warmth, at least that's what Belenus beleives, for those are his gifts. A being made of pure, blinding fire and the toughest of rock the God of the Sun is a mighty sight, at least a fitting final sight as mortals who gaze upon him often find their eyes burned from their skulls at the sheer intensity of his light, those that have had the privilage of seeing his form have never held their sight long enough to understand his true shape. Some see him as a tall humanoid while others describe him as simply a sphere, all of them agree on one thing, he was divine.   Belenus arrived with the other Gods, it is said that when Moradin was crafting the world it was Belenus himself that provided the material, it was his flame and rock that the God of Creation used to mold the earth, to fill it with life, and it was Belenus himself that shaped the sun, a flaming ball of mass to grant light and warmth to their creation. There the Sun God rests, watching the ongoings of the mortal realm and providing the necessary ingredients for life as they go about their business, sparking fires where needed, raising new lands when they get bored.   The Sun God is not alone in his rule of the sky and earth, for he can not watch over all sides at once, he shares this reign with his spouse, Sehanine Goddess of the Moon, who watches over the mortal realm in the darkness, providing a comforting light to guide those who need i t in their time of rest. The two deities exhist in tandem, watching over seperate halves of the world at any one time, only ever meeting again in rare events such as the eclipse, where they spend precious moments together before parting to their domains once again.   Followers of Belenus see him as pure good, the embodiment of light and therefore life, those who dedicate years to his worship and study tell of how their God provides fire to keep them warm and safe when his gaze is not there, but also to cleanse wounds, burn away rot and pave a way for new life. Moradin may be the God of Creation but Belenus paves the way for it, he is the seed and key for life. His worshipers often take up positions of religious and medical importance, not only guiding others to his light but also healing and protecting those who need care.


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