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Hi, I am new here so I hope I can use this site to help me more efficiently run my games.   My game focuses on everything that Keith Baker and Wizards has laid out for us to use in Eberron, but I like to tear away from that mold and build a cohesive sandbox for my players.   Starting in the Last War, my campaigns draw heavily from real-world events and how they would be portrayed in a high magical techno-society. There is a sense of humanity in these stories, what makes us and what drives us to be who we are. I stress to my players that their motivations are important for the story.   Once the "prologue" part of the campaign is complete we usually move onto the darker side of the world after the Last War. I like to hit characters in their emotions and press their skills to the maximum. The world is a dangerous place, and they really do get to see that in action when we fast forward to where their characters are 4 years after the events in the Mournland.   Rewarding players is important. Everyone loves gifts and accolades for jobs well done. After the first push, I usually dial back the dangers of the game and open up the sandbox for complete exploration. Having an overall theme and villain is fun in a lot of games, but sometimes you just want to fight monsters and loot dungeons. If there is a greater story, I am upfront about that, or it could form more naturally within the course of the story.   Eberron is more than a high magic world, it is a world made up from the ground as the basis of where they have taken technology. With the advent of air travel over the past decade, the world is going to see a seismic shift in its ecology and the economic benefits of watching this world form faster as more places are connected. That's the fun of Eberron because we get to recreate a lot of things that have made our world (IRL) such a special place. We can now communicate with someone across the world with a device we keep in our pockets. I would like my world to show that, the process of technology as it brings the citizens of Eberron closer together. And closer to the next great War...

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