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Session 9: Ruins of the Tower, Part 1 Report

General Summary

The Breakfast Club enters the region of the ruins of the tower of the twelve.  
You find yourselves making your way up a slight rise, over earth that was broken some time ago, forced up by some force. Soon you come to the top of a rise and see a strange vista. You are at the rim of a wooded basin of some sort, almost perfectly circular and a few thousand feet across. The sloped sides of this basin are covered by fallen trees, all long rotted but still lying in a perfect pattern pointing away from the center of the basin. The only trees in the area are new growth, nothing more than 15-20 years old, and growing up in the gaps between the corduroy of fallen trees.     The strange basin's surface is broken at three points by what looks like a fallen building. The buildings are choked with vines, but the cut stone and dark recesses are unmistakable.   The bottom of the basin, it's center and deepest point, has a hole at it's center, perhaps 100 feet across. There is a sort of spire tipped against the northeast edge of the hole. The spire looks like the top of some ancient structure -- maybe a tower or statue of some kind -- that has been exposed by the hole.   Paths criss-cross the basin, making maze-like connections between the three ruins and the hole at the center.
  The group decided to make their way to the section of the tower at A on the map, that looked like it was the top of the tower. There, they encountered a nest of harpies and animate, fiendish twig and tree blights, with a massive tree blight with a black eberron dragonshard embedded deep in its maw. The heroes defeated the blights and were able to recover the dragonshard. This dragonshard turns out to be an Eldritch Dragonshard .
Eberron Next Campaign
Tyding Character Sheet
Zonzi The Broken
Fynn D'Sivas
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
15 May 2022

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