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Session 8: Moes is a champion of what, now? Report

General Summary

This report is being written long after the session was played -- so the recap here is just a placeholder for the time being.   
  • Moes Bezula  was commanded to kill Qhoot, the Autumn Queen's previous champion. She was displeased with Qhoot's inability to protect her and her realm from the Quori.  The club managed to defeat but not kill Qhoot while not making it obvious that the entire party was helping Moes in the fight. 
  • Tyding Grimm asked the queen to send the satyr Miklash to face justice for kidnapping people from the prime material plane and selling them as slaves to the fey. The queen offered to send Miklash with them, but the act would constitute full payment for her gratitude for having rescued her realm from the Quori. The question was asked whether Miklash had committed crimes within the queen's realm, such as supporting the quori invasion.  When Miklash was brought forward, he denied being part of the quori plot, and revealed that the fey realm's population depends upon the abduction of young people from the mortal realm -- that even the queen had been an abducted mortal at one time.  Miklash asked where Mya was (she's in hiding in the hourglass tower waiting for an escort back to the mortal realm and her family). The queen confirmed this was how she had come to the fey realm.  Tyding argued that kidnapping was unacceptable, and that consent was necessary. The queen was moved by his argument and swayed her enough to agree that consent was important, and while she would not send Miklash back to face justice for something she had previously sanctioned, she agreed that new people for her court would be consenting in the future -- and then commanded her champion, Moes, to bring to her court within the year a consenting young woman to be Mya Dowen's replacement.  Miklash was commanded to stay in the court and work in the queen's kitchen for 100 years. 
  • The queen said to Tyding that she had the sense that Tyding would be a vexing advisor in the coming years.  
  • The queen invited the club to enjoy her hospitality, but out of a concern for how much more quickly time in the mortal world might be passing, they declined.  
  • The club returned to the Hourglass Tower and talked to Mydaiel , who said that she believed that the party would likely be a force for good change in the court of the Autumn Queen for some time to come.  They picked up Mya and returned to the mortal realm through a hollow tree. 
  • The club brought Mya back to her family, and in conversation with her family discovered that about 20 days have passed since they entered the Feywild -- that there is a roughly 10-to-1 ratio for time in the mortal realm to time spent in the realm of the Autumn Queen. 
  • Cassie pointed the party back into the Nightwood
  • They encountered a camp of adventurers but didn't manage to get much information from them.
  • Approaching the ruins, they were attacked by a band of ghouls
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Tyding Character Sheet
Zonzi The Broken
Fynn D'Sivas
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
14 May 2022

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