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Session 2: If all the Dog's a Stage

General Summary

Characters: Tyding Grimm, Zonzi The Broken, Moes Bezula, Fynn D'Sivas, Populace   The adventurers, having spent the night at the Different Dog, rise and face the day's challenge -- something's haunting the tavern's stage. Populace is still not showing up. Fynn puts up a skywriting message for Populace to come find the rest of the party at the The Different Dog .   While the party was being served breakfast, they were approached by Ferumbras Roper who reminded them of their duty to try to do something about the haunting on the stage. Fynn sent his familiar, Lady FurryFeathers, to go use her gift to see invisible targets to try to find the ghost haunting the stage.  While she paced across the stage an invisible geist spring up from below, attacked her, and fled through a wall offstage.  Lady Furryfeathers was based into a cloud of soap bubbles, and would have to be re-summoned later.    At the same time, a pair of lights rose up in the back of the room and joined the fight, and Populace, having followed the skywritten instructions and come to join the party at the Dog.    The fight was complicated -- the wisps were hard to hurt, and the geist remained invisible, striking from many directions but never too far from the stage.  If one of the wisps was destroyed, the geist would resummon it, calling out "You can't take the spotlight from me!".     Eventually, they did manage to defeat the geist, thanks to several thunderwaves. With the geist gone, the wisps disappeared. The gang heard a lute playing back in one of the dressing rooms and found the ghost of Durthmeck Seamfinder waiting for them. The ghost helped them find a hidden treasure (Durthmeck's gold tooth of final encores and Vondal's drinking horn) and explained to them some of its story.    Durthmeck was murdered apparently by the Black Mug Brotherhood  leader, Anet Harr . Durthmeck doesn't know the reason, but remembered that he and Vondal had spend the evening before getting quite drunk honoring their fallen friend, the rogue Thamior Floshem. The ghost asked the party to investigate the rest of the deaths and find out what had happened.    This is something that Tyding's grandmother encouraged.     After finishing breakfast (and re-summoning Lady Furryfeathers) the gang went to check out the death of Thamior in the warehouse district.  Thamior had apparently fallen from the roof of a warehouse, and Zonzi climbed up to the roof to try to look for clues. There he found a hidden room at the top of one of the warehouses that appeared to be Thamior's hideout.  The one item of interest was a coffer on the table, which Zonzi picked up to carry down to his allies, but the act of picking it up triggered two traps -- one that peppered Zonzi with poisoned darts, and another that set fire to whatever was inside the coffer.     Zonzi tossed the coffer unceremoniously out the window, where it hit the roof, slid, and then fell to the ground 40 feel below, breaking open.  Luckly, Fynn was nearby with a handle control flames spell to douse the flames and save some of the papers.  There was also Thamior's magic needle and thread of mending.     Thamior's papers indicated that he was making some investigation into thefts and trafficking of dragonshards in the city, and reporting on those thefts to someone named Cymosa in the Eldeen Reaches.    The next stop for the band is the Dundragon Manor orphanage, where they found some consternation going on.  Something had triggered a crisis in the home, and the children were inside with some animated suits of armor that had driven out all of the adults. This turned out to be yet another poltergeist, the restless spirit of Morn Dundragon, and the geist could reanimate the animated armor when it fell, making for yet another challenging battle.  The children, led by their ringleader Malie Dee tried to help the armor by swarming the party members and holding them down so the armor could hit them more easily.    Once they were victorious, they had a conversation with the departing ghost of Morn, who asked "Who will take care of the children" and refused to offer any information until, finally, Populace agreed to take an interest in the children for him.  Morn then told the party that he had been taken over by an evil psychic being at the shipwreck. The being rode him and pretended to be him until they returned to the city, where it left him broken and dying in a sickbed in the orphanage -- likely riding someone else.     Populace gave 50gp to the matron of the orphanage, Betsan Pew, as a first step in making some contributions for the children.  Populace also got to keep Morn's pebble of resistance.    The session ended with only one fallen Black Mug Brotherhood member's death to investigate -- the group's leader and the apparent killer of Durthmeck and maybe of Vondal and Thamior: Anet.
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16 Jan 2022

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