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89. Gnomes and Corruption. Unrelated Report

General Summary

19th Sypheros, 999 YK

  • After some discussion, Warden decides to get the train to Korranberg.
  • Warden receives a reply by message station, asking when he'll be arriving. He then replies, stating he's traveling by train and he'll arrive on the 21st of Sypheros.
  • Lozaal Daashor continues to learn Riedran from Kalshana.
  • Dax' Athla spends a week of downtime performing religious services for the Church of the Silver Flame in Sharn.
  • Dax rolls very well on the religious services check and earns Two Favours from the Church of the Silver Flame in Sharn.
  • Dax goes down to Fallen to recover what she can from a church of the Silver Flame. She encounters, at a distance, several groups of ravers, who appear to be chanting rhythmically. She doesn't approach them and manages to get out with the supplies. On her way back, she found the shrine of Fathen the Martyr in Northedge.

20th Sypheros, 999 YK

  • Dax gathers Lozaal and Kal and goes back down into Fallen to investigate. She meets Faela, leaves 20 rations behind to feed people as well as 20g to help people leave the district. Kalshana also leaves 80g, which Faela is surprised at.
  • Lozaal begins repairing the Blackstone Church, it's a miracle it hasn't collapsed.
  • A crowd gathers around the church, worried about Faela's wellbeing. They then ask about what Lozaal is doing, and request he teach some of them stonemasonry so they can repair other buildings. He offers to teach five of them basic construction principles.
  • Dax repairs clothing and weapons/tools.
  • Kalshana helps Faela to treat any wounds or illnesses.

21st Sypheros, 999 YK

  • Warden arrives in Korranberg and is given a tour of the city and its many parks by Wolfgang Gummen Korran. He is overwhelmed by the architecture and the people, the just fairy tale nature of the place. The streets are colourful and clean, and there is music everywhere, it's like Disney Land.
  • Warden tries charcoal flavoured fruit, and he can taste it! He can't swallow it though, and the streets are so clean, so he summons Nova to...umm, eat the mushed up fruit pulp he chewed up. Nova the raccoon uses their little racoon hands to take the pulp out and eat it, washing it in the glass of water.
  • Wolfgang takes Warden to the Library of Korranberg and it's amazing.
  • He reads about the Overlords, specifically the Wild Heart. He gets the names of 16 overlords in total, and a rough idea of their domains.
  • Warden spends some time reading other books, including the Machine Manifesto, a book written by a Warforged about their role in the world post-war. It's an in-depth look at the issues the warforged face and possible solutions, and mentions a movement called the Reforged that is dedicated to really living life. There is also mention of The Becoming God.
  • Warden goes hat shopping! Wolfgang takes him to so many hatteries, they even do shiftweave and glamerweave! He buys a cork hat, but instead of corks it's Eberron's twelve moons, which update based on the actual moon phases. Pretty rad.

22nd Sypheros, 999 YK

  • Kalshana contacts Warden via Sending to make sure he is safe and the gnomes didn't get him.
  • It's Terfel's birthday! Happy birth sending!

19th - 26th Sypheros

  • Dax downtime for a week, involving Fallen and earning 2 favours which she can cash in with either the Church of the Silver Flame or with Faela in Fallen.
  • Lozaal helps Fallen and learns Riedran from Kalshana.
  • Dax cashes in one of her favours to try and get the Brelish Church of the Silver Flame to provide assistance to the district of Fallen. There is resistance from the Brelish priests, it seems they are somewhat corrupt, requiring tithes for the faithful! Dax is unhappy with this.
  • Dax doesn't trust the Brelish priests so she goes and acquires more supplies on her own for Faela and the people of Fallen. She spends 20g worth for supplies, including food and medical supplies.
  • Dax also writes a letter addressed directly to Keeper Jaela Daran about the issue of Fallen.
  • Lozaal buys mason's tools for his 5 apprentices in Fallen.

Kal's Sendings

22nd Sypheros

Kalshana: "Hi Warden!!!! Hope you're okay. Dax and Lozaal send their love. Are you okay? Are you having fun? Have you been arrested? Love Kal x"   Warden: "Hi Kal, All good, this place is fantastical! learnt much at the bibliotheque, got a hat, such fun!"   Kalshana: "HAPPY BIRTH SENDING TO YOU HAPPY BIRTH SENDING TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TERFEL HAPPY BIRTH SENDING TO YOU Kal and the gang x"   Terfel: "*Long Sigh* Thank you Kal! Are you all on track for our journey west ?"   Kalshana: "Should be! Warden will be coming seperately as he is in Zilargo. We're still in Sharn - we found a secret bit! People! Will speak soon."
Eberron: Inquisition
Level 5 Warforged Circle of the Stars Druid
(Gatekeeper Initiate)
/ 38 HP
Dax' Athla
Lozaal Daashor
Player Journals
Letter to Jaela by Dax' Athla
Report Date
19 Mar 2022

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