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Necromancer Tyrant

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Necromancer Tyrant is an Elf turned Lich.

Apparel & Accessories

The Necromancer is always cloaked in a hooded robe, effectively hiding their features and face. Additionally, their appearance is somewhat distorted by magical means.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Necromancer Tyrant, dubbed so by the people of Ebea, is also rumored to be The Dark One. They have been slowly but steadily increasing their power and reach of influence, causing a great deal of death and destruction. When all attempts to negotiate a peaceful end to this failed, the people of Ebea banded together, hoping to overpower the Necromancer with their combined military prowess.   Unbeknownst to them, however, shortly before the fighting started, the Necromancer cast a spell, forcing every humanoid creature that dies to raise as in undead in the Necromancer's service within 72 hours of dying. Suddenly being faced with former comrades rising as undead creatures on the enemy's side, lead to chaos and confusion and ultimately cost the united people of Ebea the victory. Many have also been dissuaded from attempting to rebel against the Necromancer, afraid they or their loved ones might end up as an undead puppet.   As a result, Necromancy is now generally frowned upon and sometimes even met with outright hostility.

Mental Trauma

The Necromancer Tyrant isalways accompanied by the animated, rotting corpse of an elven woman. The corpse is dressed in finery and juwels.

Morality & Philosophy

What's the point of bringing her back to an eviscerated world?
They are only using the Dark One for power, hoping they can break into Dumris's sanctuary where the souls of Thiramin are kept. Fully intends on double-crossing the Dark One. Tries to keep destruction to the plane and its people minimal.

Personality Characteristics


We always talked about how we would one day rule this world, rid it of its injustices. And then you were taken from me, and I become the very thing we sought to destroy. But Kit, you were, you are my whole world, and I could not suffer the injustice inflicted upon you.
  Crest of the Necromancer Tyrant
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Quotes & Catchphrases
I need you. Without you, I'm nothing but a scared little girl. Please, come back to me, Kit.
Nickname always were her strongsuit, not mine.
Aligned Organization

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