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Terms of Surrender

Early in the Age of Reason, the year before the Ivra and Oenum war began, the Duke of Arkose tried to start his own country. Phillip Mills had been duke of Oenum's main harbor for three years. He was openly against everything the current King Silas did. Silas was no tyrant. Many records state Duke Mills was a very disagreeable man who believed himself to be infallible. The duke decided Arkose would be a country separate from Oenum and that he would rule it. These aspirations lasted a mere thirty days. The people of Arkose were against him from the start. Mills locked himself in his house. Knights were sent from Shale with word from the king that Mills would be allowed to live, in exile, if he surrendered. Otherwise, he would be executed for treason. The knights shouted news of this to Mills from outside his locked doors. Mills slipped his reply under the door, a document that is still kept in the archive of Shale.

Terms of Surrender

I, Phillip Mills, Duke of Arkose, Lord of this land, will surrender if these terms are met.

The First: I shall remain in Arkose.

The Second: I shall publicly swear allegiance to the King of Oenum.

The Third: Arkose shall become a separate country, ruled by me.

Duke Phillip Mills was taken to Shale, after the knights broke down the doors of his house and dragged him out. Mills was executed publicly at the market crescent of Shale. All following Dukes of Arkose were appointed directly by the current King or Queen of Oenum until King Joran abolished this law, returning the choice to the people.

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