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EATTA is a world where Bahamut, the dragon god of justice and nobility, defeated Tiamat, the evil dragon goddess of wealth, greed and vengeance. As a result all of the world’s dragons became its guardians, but at great cost. Many dragons were lost in what is known as the Age of Storms; a turbulent point in time where terrible storms and other natural disasters ravaged the world. Few know the truth of what really happened during the Age of Storms and it has been many years since the last confirmed dragon sighting.   In that time the world knew many war at the hands of the Ravenous Hoard. The Hoard was defeated by the Kingdom Council Military Alliance (KCMA), an alliance of the major nations. For 30 years since the KCMA was victorious peace has endured and been enforced. Sadly this peace is now being threatened by new enemies or old ones depending on who you ask.

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