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Variant Harlren

Written by Salen


Variant is the Lord of Everloom. His duties here are the running of the cities more daily routines, leaving the King to run the larger picture. He is an older man, and a veteran in combat, but his worse day was the attack on Everloom during the Winter Carnival. The day his King was slain. He was attacked and thrown down, losing his eye and gaining a horrific scar across his face, yet he got the Queen and her young son to safety.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At over 50 years old, he is not the fighter he used to be. He still holds his own, yet knows that any serious engagement will be his downfall.

Identifying Characteristics

His missing eye is milky white and the scar that runs over it is very defined.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Variant served in the Anor military for years. he never married and found the military life all he needed. That is until he got older. When old age started creeping up on him, he retired and looked for something else, even trying Mystvale Institute of Learning. He received a degree in diplomacy and used that to get a job for the King, working in the council chambers. He worked his way up and showed an aptitude for paperwork and problem solving, something the military showed him to do quite easily. he was appointed to the position of Lord of Everloom and took his job quite seriously. On that fateful day that Lord Vallis attacked the Winter carnival, Variant was with the King, Queen, and her young son. he saved her from being taken, sacrificing himself so she could run, and he lost his eye for it. The King saved him at the last minute, and Variant will never forgive himself for needing the King's help.


Degree of Diplomacy from Mystvale Institute of Learning


Works for the King of Anor

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Everloom
Year of Birth
728 (43 years old)
Biological Sex
One blue
Short White

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