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The Wild Tor

Written by Salen

This area of rocky badlands is home to the largest tribe of Goblins in Tamia. The keyword here is tribe, as there are hundreds of goblin lairs within the Spine mountains to the east and even some in the Black mountains to the south. Those are lawless groups of goblins fighting to stay alive and fighting with each other more often than not. The tribe at the Wild Tor is large and organized, being led by a Goblin Chief named Han'grak Bloodfist. The Tor is also home to at least two dragons and how the Goblins have dealt with these beasts and stayed alive is anyone's guess.


The Wild Tor is mostly rocky hills and low mounatins scattered around grassy knols and rock formations. There are dozens of abandoned formations here, memories of the Great War or even the First War in some cases. Hundreds of underground cave systems snake throughout the Tor and the paths seem haphazzard at best.

Flora & Fauna

Scrubland bushes and feeble trees grow amidst the rocks. There are at least two dragons here, one to the northeast and another to the south. They both laur among the rocky caverns and no one is sure why they havent destroyed not only the goblins but each other.
Alternative Name(s)
Included Organizations
Tribe of Anzagorak
Characters in Location
Han'grak Bloodfist

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