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The Torn Lands

This stretch of wayward plains was the site of some of the bloodiest conflicts during the Great War. It had a different name back then, but no one calls it by that name anymore; if they can even remember what it was called. No, this place is called the Torn Lands after what was done to the very fabric of the earth here by the warring nations. Hurled spells of fire scorched the ground, Bodies of dwarves littered the grass, and prayers decimated the elven legions. As a result of this devastating war, the land never grew back the way it had been; it had sustained too much damage. Some speculate that magic has soaked the very ground and corrupted it, others say that the amount of blood that seeped into the ground cursed it. Whatever the truth, it is plain to see that nature is having a hard time taking back what was hers.  

Beware the Dead

Nighttime in the Torn lands is very dangerous, as the wandering sprits of the many dead roam the land at night and often recreate their last battles. If they spot live people they tend to chase them away or outright attack them. There does seem to be one spirit that comes to the aid of people harassed by spirits, a dwarf with one eye, but he never gives his name.


Small streams litter the Torn Lands and rock formations jut out of the ground all over the pace randomly. The air smells rich and fresh, yet the feel of the place is dark and forboding. The Black mountains in the distance lend some stability, yet not near enough as the scenery still seems bleak to thise walking through this dreadful place.

Flora & Fauna

Things grow here, barely. The normal grass and flowers try to bloom here, never getting out of hand or too wild. Creatures still live here, in holes and behind rocks, yet nothing too large for reasons unknown. The odd dragon has been seen in the Torn Lands, but no one knows if there is a lair or if it is just scavaging.
Location under
Nation of Nagar

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